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The Word of the Week is “Help!”  In this video, Kirby discusses how important it is to ask for help. Sometimes it can be very difficult to ask for assistance, especially if we want to appear confident in our field. Kirby warns against feeling this way; all experts have asked for help at some point during their journey. A bigger person can ask for guidance, understanding that they will benefit from it. Requesting help is also a strong tool in sales, most people would be shocked how truly powerful it can be. Nothing brings down barriers more than asking someone for assistance. People generally want to be helpful.  Many people will go out of their way to perform an act of kindness. No one wants to view themselves as unhelpful or selfish. People want to help you….so use that truth to grow your business. In return, you have a responsibility to help those in your industry as well. Use your knowledge to help people when you see them struggle with something that might come easily for you. Expanding their understanding can help equip them to be useful in the marketplace. Give back, and guide the next generation of entrepreneurs to dodge those obstacles you have already faced. Maybe you can help these new businesses learn from your mistakes. Want to keep up all the time?  Make sure to join our VIP List!  Our VIP’s get an email with the latest content…and other special offers as well.  Join here.