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when no one is watching

When I set a goal for myself, I know there is one thing that weighs heavily on whether or not I succeed.  It goes back to this blog I wrote about keeping promises to yourself.  The one thing that determines whether or not I am able to push forward is the answer to this question:

What do I do when no one is watching?

Sure, accolades are amazing.  Recognition is important.  But nearly all progress is made in the mundane, every day chores that further us and grow us.  This is true in nearly every area of our lives.

Want to grow your sales?  This starts with making the cold calls and prospect contacts that we don’t always want to make.

Want to be more fit?  It comes from the mornings when you don’t feel like putting in the work, but you do it anyway.

Want to be more skilled at your craft?  You know that is comes from putting in the work while others are out padding their social calendars.

But don’t be mistaken.  The results don’t happen overnight.

Your reality today is made up of the work you did 30 to 60 days ago.  When we do those little things, over and over, we plant seeds that will grow down the road.  Those sales calls rarely bare fruit that same day.  It takes time to cultivate those relationships.  The push ups you did this morning do not make you fit today.  It’s just a foundational piece that will show up down the road.

Once you know that, it makes you think differently about the activities you are doing today.  Are you being intentional by doing the little things now?  Are you working to create what you want in your life?  Are you willing to do the work?

No one is paying attention now.

So what are you doing when no one is watching?

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