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 One of the toughest things about overcoming challenges in the present…is the past.  It’s hard not to look at what you have already put in, what you have already done, what you have already sacrificed.  You see that huge pile…and you can become discouraged and distracted.   Unfortunately focusing on that “pile” is not helpful, or even, pertinent.   There is a term in Poker called “Pot committed.”  The idea is that you have already put so much of your chips into the pot, you feel like you have to see the hand through.  Even if, intellectually, you know you don’t have the best hand.  The emotion in “the pile” has you committed to finishing, even if you lose. But what if you started from today?  Most decisions are not forever.  I wrote about this here. This is a question that I find useful when I am frustrated about a project.  Why?  Because it does not discount the “pile.”  On the contrary, it compliments it.  It helps you look back at all of the experiences you have gained and say “Wow…look at how much I have learned!  Look at what I have built!” But with those experiences, you know a lot more today than when you started.  So if you were to start this journey today… *How would you begin?*What would you do first?*What would be your goals?*What would you do differently or change?*How could you make this project be successful or make you happy? By asking the question, “What would I do if I started from today?” it helps to reframe the discussion in your mind…with the experience.   So if you have a project that is stalled, failing or frustrating you…what if you started from today?  Let me know what you think!  And as always, our goal is provide value to you through content.  We are posting every day…so stop back.  And make sure you never miss an update by signing up for our VIP list here.  

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