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hasseman marketing superhero Yesterday began December with a really cool day of giving.   First, my wife and daughter finished up an extremely successful Clothing Drive.  The video is here for more details.  Then, after the final bit of clothing was dispersed, we headed out of town for a shopping trip for a list of kids in need.  It was a long day, but it was hard not to be full of joy as you considered how many people would be affected.    But the best part of it was the conversation.  Certainly we felt good about “giving” during this holiday season.  But our discussion very naturally went to those people that completely give of their time all year round.  These are the people that open up their home, every single day, all around the country, to give kids a safe, loving and warm environment. The real superheroes are Foster Parents. During this holiday season, we all feel a tug on our hearts to help each other.  These folks do it all year long.  Unfortunately, foster parents are more in demand than ever before.  If you are feel called to find out more information, here is a link to the program in Coshocton County.   Not in Coshocton County?  Here information from the National Adoption Center.   So during this holiday season, let’s all take an extra moment to help those in need.  In addition, let’s take several moments to thank those who do it all the time!   You are the superheroes.  You are appreciated. Make sure you never miss an update.  Sign up for our VIP newsletter here.

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