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hasseman marketing work full time It seems like everywhere I look I see people and organizations that want full-time results with part-time effort.  They are looking for the magic button, the pill or the process that will magically turn a week of effort into a lifetime of achievement.   Life doesn’t work that way.  And to quote the Princess Bride “anyone who tells you differently is selling something.”   Whether you want to improve your fitness, create a sales organization or build an audience, the rules are the same.  You need to put in the work that no one seems to notice, for a long time, to become an overnight success.   You have to put in full-time work.  Every day.   If you aren’t willing to do that, you have to question whether you really want to achieve the goal (whatever that is) in the first place. Want to make sure you never miss an update (or a kick in the pants)?  Sign up for the VIP newsletter here.  

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