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hasseman marketing frustrated People often ask me, “How are you so positive all of the time?”   The answer is…it’s hard.  Some days it’s harder than others.  My attitude is very much by choice, but that does not mean it’s easy.  I have to work at it. The more I put myself out there, the more risks I take, the more opportunity that leaves for me to get punched in the face (metaphorically speaking).   In those moments of disappointment and frustration, I probably react like anyone else.  I vent.  I yell.  I might even cry.  But then I take a deep breath and ask myself one important question. “Why is this for the best?” In the moment, it feels like a dumb question.  How can it (whatever it is) be for the best?  I am pissed about it.  I am frustrated.  I am disappointed.    But what I have found is that you can’t find the answer to questions you don’t ask.   So when you face your next frustration, or rejection, or disappointment, ask yourself, “Why is this for the best?” Make sure you never miss an update.  Sign up for our VIP newsletter.  We send out one email per week with all of the content we create in one place.  The list is growing.  So become a VIP by signing up now! 

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