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hasseman marketing hard work Most of us have no problem getting up for the “big day.”  I mean, it’s the big day, after all.   Whether it’s a big meeting, a big game or a big presentation, we are able to show up with our best.  We relish it!  I would hope so.  Showing up when it “really matters” is sort of a baseline for success. But what do you do the next day?   The lights are not shining.  The music is not playing.  The boss is not looking.  What do you do then?  When the alarm goes off the next morning, you will be sore and tired.  You just put in a big day.  On “the next day” the most successful people in life get up…and start to create the next big day. As a quick side note, thanks so much to everyone who attended our Hasseman Trade Show.  We really appreciate you.  Make sure you never miss an update.  Sign up for our VIP newsletter below!      

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