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 I have a new “Equation for Happy” in your life.  Stay tuned…first I have a question.  Have you ever had a day where you were so slammed at work that you could hardly keep up?  Every time you answered an email to a client, you got another.  Every time you sent a quote to a client, you got another request.  As you were talking to one customer, you get a call from that prospect you have been chasing.  Every once in a while, you stop just to “catch your breath” because things are moving so fast.   For me, those are the best days.   Don’t get me wrong.  They are stressful days.  But they are also days when I feel like I am maxing out my productivity.  They are days when I feel the most alive, and excited.  Ironically, these are days when I feel like I am most creative too!   I think I have figured out why. It’s because on those days, the distance between what “I can do” and what “I do” is small.  I am doing what I can all I can toward my goals.  Those are the days I am most happy. You see I think that is one of the reasons most of us don’t actually feel happy or fulfilled.  We have dreams.  We have goals.  And as Mel Robbins says in the 5 Second Rule (yes you should totally read or listen to that book), when you know what you want, you start to get urges to work toward those goals.  But so often, we don’t.    We delay.  We procrastinate.  We delay.  We justify.  But we don’t actually take consistent, measured action toward the goal.  And on some level, we know it.  It’s on us.  So we don’t feel good about it.  We know we have cheated…and we have only cheated ourselves.   And this is any area of our life where we are trying to improve.  Whether it’s fitness, or finance, or sales, or family, it’s the same. You are most happy when the distance between “I can do” and “I do” is the smallest.  The closer those get…the happier and more fulfilled your life will be. So today…start fresh.  When you get the urge…do it.  Make the call.  Get on the treadmill.  Give to the needy.  Whatever you feel the need to do, don’t wait.  Take action.  Decrease the distance between “I can” and “I do.” Make sure you never miss an update.  Sign up for our VIP newsletter below.          

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