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hasseman marketing care more There is a simple business strategy that helps you; *Grow your business. *Keep more customers. *Be happier. *Have better employees. *Create better culture. This strategy works (at least over the long term) almost every time.  Your customers and prospects can see it…and they appreciate it.  As a matter of fact, they seek it out.  It’s a rarity, so it stands out.   But it’s really hard to measure and quantify.  It’s impossible to find it in a spreadsheet.   It’s a strategy that is simple…but not easy. What is this magic strategy?  Care.  More. A Care More strategy will help you create better work that matters more.  It will help you finish what you started.  It will help you listen with empathy to those you want to serve.  Caring more will help your team rally around the mission.   As you begin this New Year, try to Care More.   Make sure you never miss an update update.  Join our VIP list!  You can do that here.