20 Years Ago

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 I can tell you where I was 20 years ago.   I was at Coshocton Hospital.  At around 4am, my wife’s water broke and at 6am we arrived at the hospital to welcome our first child to the world.  In what we now know is typical fashion, she made us wait nearly 12 hours.   Happy Birthday Skylar Hasseman!   Today Skylar is a fun and energetic young lady.  She is working hard to create a cool life for herself and I am incredibly proud of her.  One of her gigs (she currently has 3 jobs) is working here at Hasseman Marketing.  She is working hard to fill in for Dustin Haywood as we help our clients with social media, and she is working on a new project called Ohio’s Heart.  We are really excited to share the news on this project, and it’s coming soon.   Long story short, I am very proud of Skylar Hasseman…and it’s her birthday.  So reach out to here and wish her a happy birthday! Thanks so much for reading this blog each day.  If you want to make sure you never miss an update, you can sign up for our VIP newsletter here.