Great SWAG for Hasseman Brewing

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 “Hey!  Let’s start a Brewery!”  These are words that many have uttered over the years (often over a couple of beers).  As it turns out, we are actually doing it.  For the last couple of years, I have been working on (with 2 awesome partners) creating Hasseman Brewing in Coshocton, Ohio.  We are super excited to get this project up and running…and it looks like we are close to making it happen!  For the latest updates on that, you can check out the Hasseman Brewing blog here. So what does this have to do about marketing?  As it turns out, a lot.  One thing I have told people over the years is, “You can tell what I like by what I put my logo on.”  Well I thought it might be helpful to see what we have started with (even before we open).  It might give you a peak into what we are thinking…and will give a “shout out” to some of the great suppliers we are partnering with…so far. T-shirts:  If you have visited nearly any microbrewery, you know they have t-shirts.  We are working to create more…but for this first run we went this this soft t-shirt with our one color logo.  We think you need a comfortable t-shirt if you want anyone to wear it…so this is a good start. Hats:  We have several styles of hats we will feature when we open, and we will get more as we go.  But the first two we bought were this Mesh backed Cap and this Heathered Navy one.  These are two totally different styles…but we think they are cool!  But we also wanted to have some choices, so we have this one too.  Anxious to see what everyone likes! Bottle Opener Key Chain:  Want a heavy duty key chain that also doubles as a bottle opener?  Of course you do.  We have that!  🙂 Glass Growler:  You can’t start a brewery and not have Growlers, right?  Don’t worry.  We are on it.  This is a great “to go” container for any brewery!  Check that out here. Stainless Growler:  But if you want to take it “up a notch” on the Growlers, you can go with this one. This is a very cool single walled stainless version.  Still fun to take your Craft Beer on the go!  And yes, this is the one featured in the picture above. Patio Umbrella:  If you have a brewery, or really any outdoor venue where you want to market, these are really nice!  You will want shade (and this works for that) but it’s also an awesome branding opportunity.  Pens:  We also have these fantastic pens that allow us to showcase our brand in full color.  You might not think “pens” when you think “beer” but these are a great piece to help us get our name out there in the community! Coasters:  But we need to keep the rings off of the tables right?  Of course.  That’s why we have these really cool full color drink coasters.  These are a really low cost way to protect the investment!  The fact is, there will be much more to come.  As a matter of fact, I have asked my partners to help hold me back!  But it’s been an amazing exercise…and one filled with personal growth.  Here’s to more good things to come! 

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Cheers! 5 Products for Craft Beer Drinkers

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Let’s talk BEER!  As Ben Franklin once said “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”  We agree! 


And if you want to market your company or organization, you might want to consider this growing demographic.  As you may already know, the Craft Beer industry is exploding in the United States, and more and more people fall into the category of “beer drinker.”  So reaching this valuable demographic might be a smart business move for you! 



So let’s take a look at some great promotional items that are sure to reach the beer drinkers heart.


Stainless Growler:  If you are not familiar with the Growler, it is a 64 oz container to transport beer in.  Craft Beer drinkers will buy them and take them to each Tap room they visit so they can take home some of the sweet nectar.  This new stainless growler is single walled and beautiful.  Check out this cool product here.


Standard Glass Growler:  Don’t like the stainless look?  No worries. We have the traditional growler as well.  You can see that here.  Contact us for a quote on these!


Bottle Shaped Opener:  This is a great looking new product for the Craft Beer enthusiast…and possibly the Craft Beer establishment.  Maybe the bottle opener idea does not sound new, but the shape and look of this product mimics the look of the bottle. And with a full color imprint, you can make the opener really mirror the brand.  Cool stuff…check it out here.


Flight Kit:  When we head to any craft beer establishment, we want to know if we can order “a flight” of beers.  The idea is you get to try small samples of several different styles so you get a sense of what the establishment has to offer.  The best beer drinkers (and home brewers) would love to do that at home!  Check out this cool flight kit.  What a great gift for any beer drinker on your list!


Craft Beer Calendar:  Do you want to check out new beer all of the time?  If you do, then this Craft Beer Calendar might be a great promotional piece.  This is the perfect piece to put your logo on in order to “co-brand’ with craft beer.  And as is the case with any calendar, you get exposure all year long!  Check out this great price point too.


If you want more ideas about ideas for beer drinkers, you can shop on line here.  Or you can reach out to us and we can help create a campaign that is perfect for you.  Just email here.


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6 Products Beer Drinkers Will Love!

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 Let’s talk BEER!  As Ben Franklin once said “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”  I agree!  And if you want to market your company or organization, you might want to consider this demographic.  Especially with the rapid growth of Craft Beer Drinkers in the United States, reaching beer drinkers is a great marketing goal! So let’s take a look at some great promotional items that are sure to reach the beer drinkers heart. SiliPint:  What is the SiliPint?  It is the world’s first Silicone pint glass…and it can’t be broken!  You can dishwash it, drop it, freeze it, bake or even hit it with a golf club!  You can’t break it!  And as a good friend of me once said “Drunk people drop sh#&$%!”  🙂  If you want your message to be kept for a long time…the SiliPint might be a cool idea! Offero Beer Glass:  For the true Craft Beer drinker, this is a cool gift.  (You may have seen this mentioned before on the Coffee Drinker blog too).  The idea is the back of the cup is higher than the front so your nose is totally inside the cup.  This enhances the smell and the taste of the beer. You might want to give this a whiff! Classic Paddle Bottle Opener:  If you get a nice 6 pack of beer, you will need an opener.  And if you are like me, yours tend to walk off sometimes.  So it’s great to get a nice one!  This is a really great opener with a huge imprint area and plenty of color.  I really like this one…and have it in my kitchen.  Check it out here. Govinno 16 oz Beer Glass:  The award-winning Govino beer “glass” is actually not glass at all. It is made from a food-safe, BPA-free polymer, which reflects a beer’s color and projects its aromatics much like crystal. It’s ideal for lagers, ales and weissbiers too.  So again…no breaking of your Beer Glass! 12 Can Duffel Cooler:  In case you want to take a few cold ones to the beach or the lake or the game, this 12 Can Duffel Cooler can be perfect.  It’s a great size because it’s easy to carry (not too big) but can hold several beverages (not too small).  I use this cooler bag all the time! 64 oz Growler:  If you know a Craft Beer Drinker, then you know someone that wants a Growler!  The Growler is the perfect vessel to transport a beer from a microbrewery to home.  Great to try new beers…and great to get beers you love when you go back.  Check this one out here. Now these are just a few!  Let me know if there are other products that I forgot!  Cheers! Want more great content like this?  Sign up for our VIP list!  Get access to our weekly content and special deals…by simply going here!  Sign up today!