The Cooler I Didn't Know I Needed

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 As you might expect, my team and I get to see the latest and greatest promo!  We have a ton of great suppliers that work with us to make sure we have “seen it all.”  With that in mind, sometimes I become jaded.  I feel like I have seen every t-shirt, tumbler and cooler in the world.   I mean, why would I need another? Recently I had the opportunity to work with one of our great clients (McWane Ductile) on their vendor golf outing.  They always create a first class event.  In order to make the event extra special, we partnered with our supplier Imagen Brands to create a “Hit it to Win it” contest on one of the Par 3’s on the course.  The concept goes like this, we have some amazing logo’d products and we place them all over the green.  (No, we did not impede a hole in one).  Then if the participant hits one of the items, they get them! It was a lot of fun.  (And yes there will be a video soon).   I tell you this story to tell you this one;  I found my new favorite cooler in the process!  This is the cooler I did not know I needed.  But I do!  The Coleman 36-Hour 42 Can Marine Soft Cooler has an awesome look (that’s what got my attention first).  The logo just pops off here and gets your attention right away.  But in addition, I love the size!  It’s just right for a trip out in the woods, at the golf course or out on the boat.  In addition it keeps the ice in the cooler for up to 36 hours!  Finally, I dig the top hatch for easy access to those cold beverages on a hot day! So take it or leave it.  But I love it.  As I said, I didn’t know I “needed” this cooler.   But I know now!  For more information on the cooler, check out this link.   And make sure you never miss an update.  It might be content.  It might be product.  But we hope to bring you value every day.  Sign up for the VIP newsletter here.  Oh…and shop for more products here.

3 Products From the Golf Annual

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 Each year, a group of friends and I head off for our Annual Golf Outing.  It’s been going on so long, we just call it “The Annual.”  In our circle, that is all the description it needs.  As a matter of fact, this year was the 30th Annual.  (No, I have not been going the whole time).   It’s a weekend of fun, laughing, adult beverages and some (very poor) golf.  And of course there are many stories that I can’t repeat.  Good times. This year I noticed that there were several products that were “must haves” at the Annual.  These were the ones that were used every day…and every one wanted.  So here are the 3 Products I used (nearly) everyday at the Annual. DM130 Triblend T-shirt:  Each year, we have a t-shirt that commemorates the event.  It has become a tradition.  We come up with fun design each year and the group doesn’t get to see them until I arrive.  This year we chose the Super Soft DM130 shirt for the keepsake.  It’s the comfy kind of shirt you want to wear…and they were a hit!   12 oz 3 in 1 Insulator:  This is one of those products you need to see in action!  That was certainly the case this year!  When I took these out, most people thought they were a Basic Vacuum Tumbler (and those are awesome too).  But when I showed them that you could not only drink out of it, but also take it a part and use it as a Vacuum Sealed Insulator of drinks, you could see their minds get blown.  On a hot weekend where temperatures were at nearly 100, this was a must! Shockwave Speaker/Charger:  When you are “pro-level” golfers like us, you might want some tunes on the Golf Course!  We did.  But you want to be careful with these, because the sound can carry!  And with nearly 40 hours of play time, this lasted way longer than my phone.  But no worries…it’s a charger too!  So this is an awesome piece for the course…and the back porch. So those were the 3 products I found myself using each day at the Annual.  Some other time, maybe I can tell you some other stories…but probably not!   Make sure you never miss an update by signing up for the VIP newsletter here.  Or if you want ideas for your next event, please contact your HMC Sales rep!  Oh…if you want to shop online, just head here to check out much of what we have to offer.   

Brand Slams: Pint Stacker

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 It’s time to bring “Marketing Joy” to the masses!  At Hasseman Marketing we pride ourselves in providing amazing promotional premiums to customers all over the United States.  And frankly, we want to provide the right product to the person for the right situation.  It’s NOT just about slinging SWAG.  That’s why we help you ask the right questions (here are 5 you should ask before your next promotion).   On the other hand, we want to be THE place you look for the best cool products for every occasion.  We want to create “Brand-Slams” for you and your organization! This week on Brand-Slams we look at the Stainless Stack Pint!  This 16 oz Stainless Steel Pint tumbler is double walled and vacuum sealed.  What does that actually mean to you?  Well since it’s double walled, it won’t sweat.  And since it’s vacuum sealed it will keep your beverage of choice cold for hours.  (You can order online here).   As a side note, this is the same technology that makes the Yeti work, so it will keep coffee hot for hours too.  It’s a true Brand-Slam! At Hasseman Marketing, we think this is a great gift for all year.  You can surprise and delight your team with these Stack Pint’s for a company picnic, or get your customers fired up for a Tailgate.  (As a matter of fact, here are some other cool products for an event like that).  Or, if you want to reach into the life of a craft beer lover, you will win their heart with this.   So if you are looking for an item with high perceived value, and a cost that will not break the bank, the Stack Pint is for you.  It truly is a Brand Slam. To make sure you stay on top of all of our content (including the next Brand Slam) make sure to sign up for our VIP newsletter here.     

Fun Summer Products to Heat Up Your Promotions

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 Yes!  Summer is finally here (for the most part).  It’s the season for time outside, grilling steaks and walking along the beach…at least that’s our hope for you!  But how do you create a cool promo campaign that make your customers think “summer” and still think of you?  We can help. Here are a few summer items that are sure to heat up your next promo campaign! Flip Flops:  Nothing says “it’s summer” like wearing Flip Flops!  So if you are working on a campaign that promotes a summer sales incentive, a sales trip, or even just a gift that you want your customers to use around the pool, these Flip Flops can be an easy and fun gift. Viking Tumbler:  Yes, the Viking tumbler is great at keeping coffee hot (which we still drink in the summer) but these Vacuum tumblers also keep your ice cold for 24 hours!  Now in our experience, if you need to keep a cold drink cold for 24 hours, you are doing it wrong.  But we are not here to judge!  We just want you to know these are awesome for drinks around the pool.  Check them out here. Sunscreen Stick:  We love this because it’s functional with so many promotions.  Your clients might have sunscreen, but this is perfect for use on the face to make sure the nose doesn’t end up fried!  It’s functional and thoughtful.  It can also be use for golf outings, summer events and more.  Oh, and with a full color imprint you have lots of room to tell your story!  Check it out here. Mirrored Sunglasses:  The future’s so bright…you gotta wear shades!  There are so many ways to build a campaign around these fun sunglasses!  And with an affordable price point, these just shout out “summertime!”  You want summer?  You need these shades! Yes, each of these items can help you build a summer campaign or event to remember.  But if you want to take your campaign to the “varsity” level, package all of these together for a rock star kit!  

Need more ideas, let us know!  You can shop online here….or you can email us for more information.


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