Compassion is NOT A Feeling

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There is a powerful story from 7 Habits of Highly Effective People where Steven Covey was speaking to a group.  After the talk, a man came up to Mr. Covey and said “My wife and I are close to a divorce.  We just don’t love each other anymore.  What should I do?”

Covey told the man, “You need to LOVE her.”

The man was confused.  “But you don’t understand,” he said.  “We just don’t FEEL that way anymore.”

Covey explained, “That’s the problem.  Love is not a feeling.  Love is an action.” Covey went onto explain that the husband needed to get back to taking action in consistent with love.  He needed to do things for her.  He needed to serve her.  He needed to LOVE her.  It’s an action.

I was reminded about this at a church service recently when our pastor declared that “Compassion is NOT a feeling.  It’s an action!” I agree.  Way too many times in life, we feel things and hope that is enough.  It almost never is.  It is imperative, in nearly every area of our lives, to take more action. The thing that is holding most people back in their work, dreams, relationships, fitness and more…is action.  Most of us dream about what we want.  We think a lot about what others have that we don’t.  We might even take the extra step and write down the sincere wishes we have in our life.  Heck, we might even meditate or pray in hopes the universe will bring them to us!

What we don’t do is take action.

And if we are not seeing enough change, we are not taking enough action.

So if you want your spouse to know that you love them…LOVE them. If you want your team to know you have compassion for them…SHOW them. If you want your community to know you care about it…GIVE something. It’s not about thoughts.  It’s not about dreams.  It’s about action.   Take some.

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Helping with the Next Right Step

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 Most of us want to help.  In some way, some day, most people like the idea that they can make someone’s life better. But where do you start? With a world full of people and problems, it’s hard to know what problem to help with?  Then, if you have decided about a passion project, it can be hard to decide how to help.  Where do you start?   Often the best answer is the simple answer.  Start with “the next right step.”   Take, for example, homelessness.  During this brutally cold time of year, it’s easy to see that this is a need.  The unfortunate fact is, there are homeless in every community.  We think of homelessness as the nameless people that sleep on the street.  And sometimes, those of us that are fortunate, wonder what they must have done to get there.  But there is also a population of people that are homeless, and stay on couches and floors.  There are men, and women, and children.  It’s not a new problem.  But it’s a problem, nonetheless.   It’s a real challenge.  So where do you start?  With the next right step. From now until February 28th, we will be collecting the items below for the local homeless population.  We have already begun the effort and wanted to give you the chance to help.  You can drop off goods to our office at 432 Main Street in Coshocton.  Don’t have anything to donate (or don’t live nearby) but want to participate and help?  Awesome.  Send a donation and we will gladly purchase items for you.  We will take care of getting the goods to a few wonderful local people that are helping to serve the homeless population in our area.  Below are items that are being accepted. In addition, we recently did some really cool t-shirts that were imprinted with the mission: “Be Kind.  Spread Joy.  Embrace the hustle”  These t-shirts have been a huge hit.  They have a great message and they are super comfortable.  Want one?  You can purchase one for $25 and the proceeds will go toward this cause.hasseman marketing be kind Where do we start?  The next right step.  Join us in helping. Be Kind.  Spread Joy.  Embrace the hustle. Make sure you never miss an update.  Sign up for our VIP newsletter here.  

The Superheroes of the Holiday Season

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hasseman marketing superhero Yesterday began December with a really cool day of giving.   First, my wife and daughter finished up an extremely successful Clothing Drive.  The video is here for more details.  Then, after the final bit of clothing was dispersed, we headed out of town for a shopping trip for a list of kids in need.  It was a long day, but it was hard not to be full of joy as you considered how many people would be affected.    But the best part of it was the conversation.  Certainly we felt good about “giving” during this holiday season.  But our discussion very naturally went to those people that completely give of their time all year round.  These are the people that open up their home, every single day, all around the country, to give kids a safe, loving and warm environment. The real superheroes are Foster Parents. During this holiday season, we all feel a tug on our hearts to help each other.  These folks do it all year long.  Unfortunately, foster parents are more in demand than ever before.  If you are feel called to find out more information, here is a link to the program in Coshocton County.   Not in Coshocton County?  Here information from the National Adoption Center.   So during this holiday season, let’s all take an extra moment to help those in need.  In addition, let’s take several moments to thank those who do it all the time!   You are the superheroes.  You are appreciated. Make sure you never miss an update.  Sign up for our VIP newsletter here.

Giving the Shirt Off Your Back

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 -Everyone can take…and most people do.  It takes a special person to give.-  That’s why I am excited to share that my daughter, Jade Hasseman, is organizing a Clothing Drive again this year in Coshocton.  You may remember that she organized one last year…and the results were amazing.  I even talked about it in the DMJ podcast here.   Last year, Jade saw a need at her school.  Some kids simply did not have some of the basic necessities.  Her idea started simple enough.  She felt like her and her friends had plenty.  So they could donate their extra clothing for those in need.  That is wonderful…and would have been fine.   But the idea took off.  Not only did the Coshocton community step up to donate clothing off all sizes, but so did people outside of Coshocton too!  It’s worth a special shout out to Andrea Debottis from Flying Colors Imprinting, who donated 2 full skids of samples for people in need.  In the end, we filled the Coshocton High School cafeteria for 2 days and gave away nearly everything to families in need.  It was heartwarming! So the event is happening again this year!  Jade has made arrangements to partner with several other student organizations and we are soliciting donations again.   How Can You Help?  I am so glad you asked.  There are several ways you can be a part of this cool event.   1.  Clean Out Your Closet:  The easiest way to help is to simply look through your closet.  Find the really nice items that you no longer need, and donate them to the drive.   2.  Cold Hard Cash (or checks):  Jade will be accepting monetary donations so she can get some basic toiletries.  We were surprised by those that did not have some of the basics last year…and we want to address that too! 3.  Check with your organization:  Does your organization have misprints, samples, a closet full of goodies that no one uses?  If so, they would likely be perfect for this!  Like I said, one of the most impactful donations came from Andrea Debottis because we were able to serve so many with her donation.  Be like Andrea!   Jade has created a Facebook event so you can keep on progress (you can find that here).  She has set a deadline for collections ending November 2 with distribution around the first of December.  But in the meantime, if you want to donate (especially those outside of Coshocton County), please reach out to us at Hasseman Marketing.  We will help to coordinate the when and where. Thanks for considering.  Thanks for helping.  Thanks for making a difference. Want to make sure you never miss an update?  Sign up for our VIP newsletter here.  We want to help you make a difference every day.

DMJ Podcast: Lessons from a Clothing Drive

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 The Delivering Marketing Joy Podcast is back!  Over the next 12 weeks, we are going to attack 2018 with a vengeance!  The Delivering Marketing Joy Podcast will provide some inspiration, motivation and education to make it happen!  Consider this your 10 minute “kick in the pants” to get your week started off right! In this week’s podcast, we take a look at a proud Papa moment for me.  My youngest daughter, Jade, organized a clothing drive in Coshocton.  Today on the podcast I tell you about that…and the lessons you and I can learn from her on it! If you want to make sure you never miss an update, a blog, a podcast or a video, make sure you sign up for our VIP newsletter here.