It's Not About the Poker

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hasseman marketing poker Once a month, over the fall and winter months, a group of guys in my community get together to play poker.  We are not expert poker players, by any means.  Sure…some of the guys are better than others…but none of us have found ourselves in Las Vegas at the World Series of Poker.  And that’s just fine.  It’s not about the Poker. Each month I look forward to getting together, catching up, and laughing with this good group.  Sure…all of us want to win.  But that’s not the point.  The point is to reconnect and to re-energize.   That’s how I feel about some industry events.  I might be going to a Trade show, but the products at the Trade show are often not the point.  It’s about growing the relationship with supplier partners…or the education.   Why does this matter?  Because it’s important how you gauge success.  If I only go to Poker to win a few dollars, I am missing the point.  In addition, I am missing out on the best part of the experience.   The same is true for events or other activity in our lives.  Make sure you recognize and decide what you are there for.  Then focus on that.  Then you might get something from the exercise. Make sure you never miss an update!  Sign up for our VIP newsletter here.  

3 Ways To Get More From The Big Event

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hasseman marketing event  Tell me if this sounds familiar to you. You invest the time and money to attend an educational event in your industry.  You struggle to get all of your work done in advance, so you can “really focus” while you are there.  (With me so far?) Great news!  You attend the event and it really speaks to you!  You leave the conference fired up.  You are committed to making real change in your office…and in your business.  You head back to the office…and…nothing. Either you can’t convince your team, or you can’t convince your boss, or you can’t focus.  Whatever.  The amazing and inspiring plans you have fade away…into the whirlwind of your day to day. Sound familiar?  Yeah.  Me too.  I had this happen enough times.  So I came up with a few strategies to get more ideas implemented in my business.  Here are a few thoughts… One Big Idea:  I recently attended an event called Skucamp (I talk about that here) and my head was swimming.  It was almost too much!  So I decided that I needed to settle on just one idea that I could implement.  I made a list so I could move on after I knocked #1 off the list.  But my goal was to start with just one idea.  That helped me not be overwhelmed and focus. Take an Extra Day:  My wife and I attended an event called an EME.  It’s like speed-dating for business.  We had approximately 48 (20 minute) meetings, one after another.  The event takes 2.5 days and you leave completely exhausted.  It’s truly like drinking from a firehose.  Amy and I had done the events before, and the results were okay.  Then one year we decided to take an extra day.  We sat around the pool and discussed all our notes from the previous three days.  It was amazingly productive and we left with a plan.  It was a total game changer for that event for us. Keep the Journal Book:  Many events you attend will give you some sort of custom journal book for taking notes at the event.  I love these.  And in order to keep the “mojo” going after the event, I keep using it.  It helps me to reconnect to the event mentally, and gives me quick access to the notes I took.   Those are just a few ideas for getting back into the swing of things after a big event.  What are yours?   Make sure you never miss an update!  Sign up for our VIP newsletter by signing up below!