BrandSLAMS: Low Ball Viking Tumbler

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It’s time to bring “Marketing Joy” to the masses!  At Hasseman Marketing we pride ourselves in providing amazing promotional premiums to customers all over the United States.  And frankly, we want to provide the right product to the person for the right situation.  It’s NOT just about slinging SWAG. 


That’s why we help you ask the right questions (here are 5 you should ask before your next promotion).  


On the other hand, we want to be THE place you look for the best cool products for every occasion.  We want to create “Brand-Slams” for you and your organization!


This week the featured product on BrandSLAMS is the 10 oz Lowball Viking Tumbler.  This amazing tumbler is is a double wall vacuum sealed tumbler that is sure to keep the hot drinks hot for hours and the cold drinks cold for…well…days.  It’s amazing.  And this size drink works extremely well for the having hot coffee at the office or a cold drink by the pool.  


The fact is, this has the functionality and performance of the Yeti drinkware brand, without the price.  As you may know, you might spend between $20 and $30 on a brand name item like this.  But you can do the 10 oz Lowball Viking Tumbler (with your organizations logo) for only $8.99.  You get form.  You get function.   And you get it at an amazing value.  


That’s what makes this a true BrandSlam.  For more information on this item (or to order now) you can click on this link.  But if you want to discuss options or how this fits in with your other promotional campaigns, feel free to reach out to your HMC representative.  Don’t have one?  Email us here and can hook you up!

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Our Favorite Fun Products from the PPAI Expo

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 You want the best, coolest products in order to promote your brand…right?  We get it.  And that’s a responsibility we take seriously at Hasseman Marketing.  So every year, our team takes the time to attend both regional and national trade shows in our industry to find out about the latest and greatest.   In that spirit, I just attend the industry’s largest trade show in Las Vegas.  It’s huge!  But I went to work.  Here are just a few of the fun things I ran across in my time at PPAI Expo 2018! 

Selfie Drone from Origaudio:  We always love the new and innovative products from our pals at Origaudio…and this year is no different.  This new Selfie Drone has 5 minutes of flying time and an amazing imprint area.  Check it out here.


Bolteron Charging Pad:  We all want to be charged up when we are ready to go, right?  The Bolteron is a wireless charging pad…and more.  Charge up to 3 devices wirelessly…and 2 more if you plug in.  This will keep you charged all the time!


Vacuum Sealed Insulated Stack Pint:  Maybe it’s our affinity for Hasseman Brewing…or our love for beer…but this Stainless piece is really nice!  This is double walled (just like the Viking) so it is sure to keep your beer cold for a long time!  It’s beautiful and functional.  Check it out here.


Multi Grilling Tool:  Get ready to tailgate like a champ!  This really fun piece will be perfect for your next outdoor event…or to build a tailgate theme around!  Very fun…and very functional.  Check that out here.


Parkside Smart Pack:  With the Parkside Pack you can create a one of a kind promotion.  It’s a great bag, full of functionality, that allows you to customize completely the message and the brand.  Check it out here and be sure to watch the short video description!


Bali Wind Chime:  Want a totally different gift for the home that will remind your clients of you every time the wind blows?  These cool new wind chimes might be a hit!  The tones are very soothing and mild.  Very interesting gift that will be music to your clients ears.  Learn more here.


And these are just a few fun products that we came across at the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas!  Want more ideas for your next campaign?  You got it!  Just email us here and we can schedule a consultation!


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3 Favorite Products from a Sales Safari!

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 At Hasseman Marketing, we are believers in constantly learning!  Sure, lots of people say that.  But at HMC we try to back it up by reading, listening to podcasts and even attending the best industry events.  These events can be extremely beneficial because of great opportunities to network, re-energize and even see the latest products.  Recently, several of our team members attended an Ohio Promotional Products Association (OPPA) event called the Sales Safari.  You can read more about the event here.   And we did come away with some cool product ideas!  Here are just a few of our favorite products that we saw at the Sales Safari in Kalahari! Music Link:  You have probably heard us say it before, anything that brings value to your phone or your electronics, can provide amazing value for marketing!  The Music Link product is a perfect example.  This new product turns any “older” radio, or boom box, or device with a headphone jack into a bluetooth connected device!  So if you have an older radio in your car, plug this in and you can now connect your phone!  Click here to check it out! Switchback Headphones:  We are consistent.  This next piece is also connected to the phone.  These are nice, noise cancelling headphones, and then they “switch” so they act as speakers as well.  These are a great corporate gift and are sure to get attention this summer.  Check them out here. Sherpa Vacuum Insulator:  Let’s face it.  With the word Yeti, vacuum drinkware is all the rage.  If you want to make an impact with your clients, you need to know about it.  But this new piece is cool.  It works as a drink insulator or you can drink right from it.  Very nice…and with a high perceived value.  Check it out here. So there are just 3 cool new products you might want to consider.  Need more ideas, let us know!  You can shop online here….or you can email us for more information. As always, if you don’t want to miss any content or update or special, make sure to join our VIP list here. 

6 Promo Items Entrepreneurs Need To Know About!

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As an entrepreneur, it’s hard to stay on top of it all.  We get it.  You are working to balance sales, employees, payroll, accounts payable, marketing and much, much more!  In addition, if you are like a lot of business owners, you want to be on the cutting edge when you can.  It makes you look more professional and in touch.


But it’s hard to make the time to do it all!


So at Hasseman Marketing we did some of the homework for you on Promo!  Here the 6 promo items you need to know about right now!




16 oz Persona Tower Travel Mug

We have all seen the cheap tumblers in the promo industry.  They are fine, but they don’t really do the job of keeping coffee hot.  What does that mean?  It means your customers won’t really use them, so your marketing dollars are wasted.  The Persona will become your clients favorite coffee mug.  It keeps coffee hot for over 5 hours…so when you are on the road you want this mug!  This is the mug that will give you marketing impact when you give the gift…and for all the miles down the road!  These tremendous tumblers are on special for $13.89 (setup $55) right now.






The Wedge Mobile Device Stand

The fact is, some of the most valuable marketing space today is around your mobile device.  Want your client’s attention?  Be near their phone!  This high quality phone stand offers a great full color decoration and even a screen cleaner on the bottom.  Want to tell a story?  Want to drive traffic to a website?  Just want to have VERY valuable ad space on your clients desk?  This fits the bill.   These are in the current HMC flyer for $6.45 (setup $80). 






Economy Retractor

Once you get one of these you will be surprised how often you can use it!  The Retractor is a great item for trade shows or events.  You will also find that you can use it in your office, networking events or even sales calls!   These are an extremely affordable way to “silently sell” new services or add on products.  With the right design, these can be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.







Clip It Vent Mount

Have we mentioned the power of marketing around the phone?  This is not only a perfect tool for that, but also helps with safety.  The clip it vent mount holds your phone so that it is always within arms reach.  It is functional and easy.  In addition, it keeps your logo (or message) in front of your clients all the time they are in the car.  This is one of our favorite new products in the industry!  You can get these in the latest HMC flyer for $2.75 (setup $50). 






The Juicebox

Want to be a hero in someone’s eyes?  Give them a charger when their phone is about to die!  You may have seen some of these on the market in the past, but the Juicebox is a nice phone charger (will charge your phone 2.5 times) and it comes in a FUN package!  If you want to grab attention and keep it…this item is perfect.  And think outside of the (juice)box.  These are awesome for trade shows, golf outings, traveling…anytime someone will need their phone and cannot plug in!  Oh…and did we mention this marketing piece revolves around their phone!  🙂 









365 Performance Pique Polo

You want your team to look like a team, but you don’t want to spend a fortune.  Sound familiar?  Here is a low cost performance golf shirt for under $17 (with embroidery)!  Lots of colors and sizes.  This makes outfitting the team a lot easier.


So there you have it!  These are 6 items that are sure to keep your name on the lips of your customers and prospects.   Now get back out there and keep up the hustle!

     Hasseman Marketing is a full service Marketing firm that specializes in promotional products (known as SWAG), video production, graphic design, social media management and more.  We Deliver Marketing Joy!  If you want 3 awesome tips to Super Charge your SWAG, fill out the form to get the free report below!  It’s time to take your promotions to the next level.       

5 Products To Reach Coffee Drinkers

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 Recent data shows that 54% of Americans drink coffee every day.  That’s a big number.  In addition, their average consumption is around 3 8 ounce cups per day.  Therefore, American coffee drinkers consume around 382 millions cups of joe per day.  Where some see big numbers, I see opportunity!  So how do you reach those folks (more than half) of Americans) right where they are?  Here are a few products to target them while they get “their fix.” Sure Grip Cup Sleeve:  As a coffee drinker, I can tell you that grabbing a paper cup of coffee can be down right painful!  It’s hard to drink and hard to hold…which makes it a very real possiblity to spill!  No good.  So here is the Sure Grip Cup Sleeve.  It goes around most any size cup to keep the burnt fingers to a minimum!  Absorbent Stone Car Coaster Set:  No matter how hard you try, sometimes you spill.  So keep that from becoming a giant, sticky mess in the car with these cool items.  The fit in most car cup holders and help to keep the mess to a minimum…and your brand front and center. Multi Use Measuring Spoon:  The best promo items are ones you use every day.  I use this to make my pot of coffee every morning!  This Multi Use Measuring Spoon has a pretty low price point and is very functional for the coffee maker!  14 oz Persona Vacuum Tumbler:  Anyone that commutes to work will LOVE this tumbler.  This will keep your coffee hot for hours so you can continue to enjoy your coffee long after most people have dumped theirs out.  This will be come your customer’s favorite coffee cup for on the go. Offero Ceramic Mug:  This if for your lover of gourmet coffee (specifically the smell!).  The offero is designed with a low front and higher back to the mug so you can really be surrounded by the smell of your coffee.  Very cool!  If you want people to really enjoy their coffee (or the coffee you sell) this is the mug for you! The coffee drinking audience in the United States is huge.  So make sure you consider the best way to reach them.  These are a great way to start! Hasseman Marketing is a promotional products distributor and full service marketing company that is the world leader on Delivering Marketing Joy!