1 Simple Way to Change Your Life For The Better

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hasseman marketing attitude “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  Wayne Dyer. Have you ever noticed that what you put your attention on grows?  It’s true.  When you put your focus and time and attention on a specific thing, it tends to show up everywhere.  There is plenty of science to back it up.  But great thinkers have been telling us this for years.  From Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich) to Wayne Dyer to Stephen Covey, all of them have told us that what we focus on, we get. Wayne Dyer says it like this, “What you really, really want in life, you tend to get.  And what you really, really DON’T want in life, you also tend to get.”  Both of them have your concentrated attention.  “Once you realize that what you think about expands in your life, you get really careful about what you think about!” Part of it is simply us telling our subconscious brains what is important.  For example, you find exactly the new car you want.  You take it home, thinking it’s a one of a kind.  Then you start to see it (or ones just like it) everywhere!  Why?  Because your brain knows this car is important…so it points it out.  The same is true in your relationships.  If you constantly focus on the things you don’t like in your relationships…they will continue to expand.  Stephen Covey talks about this in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  He tells a husband to stop fixating on the things he doesn’t like in his spouse.  Instead, start focusing on the things you love…and then they will expand. In his book “Becoming Supernatural,” Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about this in great detail.  He says that most of us spend most of our time and attention (especially the very first part of our day) thinking and stressing and worrying about the past.  So those past stresses and worries show up more and more.  Is it any wonder that most people live the same day of their lives over and over?   So what can we do?  How do we break the routine?   Let’s take the time to be intentional.  Let’s make a mental change on what we put our time and attention on.  Instead of focusing (all the time) on what stresses us, what worries us, or what annoys us, let’s spend some time thinking about the opposite. Today let’s think about: What are we grateful for? What excited us? What do we love about our life? What is it that we want to create?   How can we be generous and make a difference? If what we think about expands in our life, let’s be intentional about what we focus on.  Let’s work to create a life that we want to live! Make sure you never miss an update!  It’s a great time to sign up for our VIP newsletter.  We send out one email per week with all of the content we create in one place!  Sign up today!      

DMJ Podcast: What's the Downside of Positive?

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 “For myself I am an optimist — it does not seem to be much use being anything else.”  Winston Churchill The Delivering Marketing Joy Podcast is back!  Our goal here is to attack 2018 with a vengeance!  The Delivering Marketing Joy Podcast will provide some inspiration, motivation and education to make it happen!  Consider this your 10 minute “kick in the pants” to get your week started off right!  Today on the podcast we discuss why I don’t see the downside of being an optimist.  We also dig into a book called Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza.  There’s a lot to discover and a lot to discuss.  Listen in now…and let me know what you think! As always, thanks for listening in!  If you want to check out the book Becoming Supernatural from Dr. Joe Dispenza, you can do that here. Thanks for listening!  Make sure you never miss an update by signing up for our VIP newsletter here.