Content Questions…and Plans For Next Year

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hasseman marketing content questions It’s hard to believe it’s been 7 months.   On May 30th I decided to start writing this blog every day.  And since that day, come hell or high water, I have put something up.  Sometimes it has been good.  Sometimes…not so much.  But the hits kept on coming each and every day. But why though?  What is the point of the exercise? As I said in the beginning, it’s because I think we are a media company...and we need to start acting like it.  I still believe that…and I wanted to revisit the idea. Since I have started this exercise, I have gotten a lot of questions.  I wanted to address them here. Why are you doing this?  What do you hope to gain?  This is a question I get a lot.  The simple answer is, attention and website traffic.  Our website traffic, as you would hope, has gone up a lot.  We have increased the number of people on our newsletter and we have increased the amount of opens on that newsletter.  So not only do we have more people on it, but they want the information.  That’s good stuff. We have also increased our sales over that time.  It’s a funny thing about content marketing.  It’s tough to point to one post and say “oh…that’s the one that caused our increase in sales.”  For us, it has been “drip, drip, drip,” over time.  During that same time…sales are up. BUT there is no way I can read it every day!I hear this a lot too.  Totally cool by the way.  And I guess, from my perspective, I don’t expect you to.  I never had the idea that people would be sitting by their computer just waiting for the “ping” to come though to let them know I had published more amazing nuggets of knowledge.  That would be great…but not my expectation.   The idea is I can reach you when you want to be reached.  For me to make sure I was there when you needed…I posted every day.  In addition, I never knew what idea was going to resonate.  I talk about that a bit here. Where Else Can I Find Your Content?As I mentioned above, I want to reach people where they want to be reached.  So if you are not a reader, then this might not be for you.  So here are some other pieces of content you can find. Delivering Marketing Joy:  Hosted at PromoCorner, this is a video interview series that I am incredibly proud of.  I have been doing this for 4 years now (so hard to believe).  If you want to check that out…it comes out every Wednesday.  Here is the latest episode. The unScripted Podcast:  Another product of PromoCorner, my buddy Bill Petrie and I talk about the world of marketing and branding every week.  We are a bit silly at times and certainly unedited in our opinions.  I am proud of this award-winning podcast…and you can listen to the latest one here. Day In The Life:  This is my vlog and I have been pleasantly surprised about how many people watch this (here is the latest).  It’s about some daily adventures…and it’s usually fun.  You can find it on my Youtube channel as above, or you can follow my Facebook page here.   What Is Next?This is a question I am asking myself right now.   Though I did not have specific measures of success when I started this, I have been incredibly pleased with the results.  But do I want to keep this up every day?  Is blogging the best way to do it?  I am not completely sure what I want to continue to do in 2019.  (Opinions welcome here if you want to weigh in).   Here are some things I do know.  Content is fun for me…and it works.  I want to continue to create…and I want to get better.   I am excited about 2019.   How about you?  Thanks so much for reading, listening and watching this year.   Make sure you never miss an update!  Sign up for our VIP list.  As I mentioned above this list is growing.  We send one email per week with all of the content!  Sign up here.

3 Last Minute Book Ideas

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hasseman marketing fan of happy This time of year, everyone is looking for the perfect gift.  And if not the perfect gift…an easy one.   So if you are looking for a low cost, last minute gift for someone on your list, let me submit these to you. Fan of Happy:  This is the book I initially wrote for my daughters.  During their most challenging teenage years I decided that there were lessons I wanted to share with them.  The problem is, they didn’t want to hear them.  So I started writing them down to share later.  What I came up with was 110 personal development lessons that are appropriate for just about anyone.  If you like the style of writing (and the lessons) from this blog, you might enjoy this book. Delivering Marketing Joy:  This is a book I wrote for anyone who is charged with marketing an organization.  There are tons of books written on social media, marketing tactics, email marketing and more.  But one of the most powerful (and long lasting) forms of marketing is Promotional Premiums (or promotional products or SWAG), and unfortunately there are not a lot of books on how to do Promo right.  This is that book.  There are chapters on trade shows, direct mail, promo with social and many include case studies from all over the country.  If you know someone that wants to up their marketing game, this might be a cool gift for them. The Written Goal:  Finally, for those last minute gifts, you could check out my friend Sam Kabert’s book called The Written Goal.  I am a big believer in goal setting and the power of “writing it down” so I am excited to check out Sam’s take on it.  I also know the amount of time, energy and work that goes into writing a book!  It’s an awesome undertaking.  Great job Sam. So those are a couple of last minute gift ideas that can help you (or the person on your list) start off their New Year right!   Make sure you never miss an update!  Become a VIP.  What does that mean?  It means we send out one email per week to catch you up on content for the week.  It’s a great way to stay motivated.  Sign up for our VIP newsletter here.

The Power of Authenticity

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hasseman marketing authentic My friend Bill Petrie and I talk a lot about authenticity.  We talk about it on our weekly podcast unScripted (it drops every Friday here), and in talks we give about Content Marketing.   The concept is simple.  Be you.  Create your own voice.  But as is the case with many things in life, simple is not the same as easy.  When it comes to authenticity (in content and in life) I have good news and bad news.  The Good NewsThe good news about creating content around your authentic voice, opinions and personality is…it will be easier.  You won’t have to create an opinion about your work or your life.  You have them.  In many ways, when you can truly embrace this, you shed a weight.  Many of us go through life wearing a mask.  When you make the realization that you are not for everyone, and accept that, it can be freeing. The Bad NewsOn the other hand, it can be scary.  If you are like most of us, you have some concern that if you are really you, people won’t like it.  I totally get it.  And here’s the rub.  If you are authentic, there are going to be people that don’t like it (or you).  There will be people that bristle if you share a true opinion or point of view.  They will avoid you or not do business with you. And that’s okay. The fact is, when you share your authentic voice, you will turn some people off.  But you will attract people as well.  And for the most part, the people you attract are much more likely to “get” you and what you are all about.  The people you attract are going to be the organizations that identify with what Simon Sinek calls “your why.”  They will even (most likely) be people or organizations you enjoy serving more.   You will have real relationship that is authentic. As I said to Bill recently, this does not just mean being authentic about opinions.  For us, it’s being authentic about joy.  Our mission is to “Deliver Marketing Joy.”  Recently we did t-shirts (they are so sweet and you can check them out here) that say “Be Kind.  Spread Joy.  Embrace the hustle.”  Though I absolutely love them, there are going to be some that are turned off by the message.  That, my friends, is totally cool with me.  If our message does not resonate with them, there are plenty of other options out there.   But if that message gets you fired up and brings you joy…welcome to the tribe. Make sure you never miss an update!  Sign up for our VIP newsletter below!        

10 Ways Content Marketing is like Fitness

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content fitness hasseman  How many of you have ever started a new year (or a new quarter, or a new week) with the very intense desire to improve your fitness?  Raise your hand…everyone.   You had decided that “enough was enough.”  You were going to put in the work.  You were going to follow the plan.  You had a goal in your mind.  You had new “workout shoes.”  You were fired up and you were committed. And you failed.   Sound familiar?  It does to many of us…me included.  We know what to do.  We just struggle with the discipline to do it.  You know the quote I use all the time… The greatest distance in the world is the distance between “I know” and “I do.” I think the same is true for success in content marketing.  As a matter of fact, I see a lot of similarities between success in fitness and in social media!  Don’t believe me?  Here are 10 ways Content Marketing and Fitness are the same! 1.  Success takes a long time:  One of the common misperceptions that causes frustrations in both is that results happen quickly.  They don’t.  The best plans for both start extremely slow and show only incremental progress at first.   2.  You need to focus on the day…not the goal:  If you continue to look at the marathon, you will get discouraged quickly.  You don’t need to run 26.2 miles on day 2 of training for the marathon.  You just have to run 2.  The same is true with content.  You don’t need a million followers.  You just need to do the work today. 3.  Consistency is Key:  You can’t work out for a week and take 2 weeks off and have 6 pack abs (trust me, I know).  The best success comes from consistent work. 4.  It’s important to track progress:  Most training plans have you weigh yourself at the beginning (and take pictures).  That way, when you are frustrated, you can see how far you have come.  The same is true with content.  Start with your traffic baseline.  The progress will be slow…but then you can look back later to your progress. 5.  Most people start fast…and can’t keep it up:  I started P90X the first time and went out of the gates like crazy.  Then I could not lift my arms for a week.  We have all see the company that started off with a Facebook page like crazy…and then have not posted in 2 months.   6.  Most people use the same excuses about why they can’t do it:  I know.  You don’t have time.  Bullshit.  Yes you do.  Do it or don’t do it.  Your call.  But time is not your issue. 7.  The best plans do a little every day:  You don’t have to go out the first week and run 25 miles.  It’s often better to start slow and build up.  The same is true on the content side.  Start slow.  There is no point firing out at a pace you can’t maintain. 8.  The best people are intentional:  You don’t have to (and probably shouldn’t) work out every day.  You need to create rest days to let your body recover.  But you need to do it on purpose.  If every day becomes a rest day, then the routine is over.  If you follow a plan, it’s much easier to stay on track! 9.  The first 3 months are the hardest:  In the program P90X, it’s 90 days for a reason.  In that time you can create a habit in your day to workout.  And you START to see results then.  The work isn’t done.  But that’s when it starts to become a part of you. 10.  Most people know what to do…but aren’t willing to do it:  Fitness and fad diets are huge business.  We all want the shortcut.  But if we eat less (or better) and work out more, most of us will get results.  The fact is, we know that.  Most of us are just not willing to DO it.   These are just 10 ways that Content Marketing is like Fitness.  There are more.  So let’s put the excuses to bed.  Create a plan.  Then, let’s get to work! Make sure you never miss an update (like a mental workout).  Sign up for our VIP newsletter here!

Brand-ecdotes: Dana Geiger

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Welcome to our awesome blog post series for Hasseman Marketing called: 



Each week we will talk to a branding all star about what makes the Promotional Product advertising media so special!  


This week we talk with Dana Geiger.  Dana is the Regional Relationship Manager for PPAI.  She is a rock star with tons of experience and knowledge in the Promo World!  


1.  What is your all time favorite Promotional Product and why?

The mug. It’s not a sexy answer, I realize. But people identify with mugs. I choose a mug each morning from my overly cluttered mug cabinet that reflects my mood.  I have some pretty irreverent mugs.


2.  Can you name a Promo Product that you have that STILL reminds you fondly of an event, person, organization?  If so, can you tell us that story?

I have a windbreaker from about 10 years ago. I know now that it is a Charles River piece that retails for about 34.99. It was given to me as an incentive prize for raising money for the Alzheimer’s Association. But it is so much more than all of that. Each dollar I raised that EARNED in pursuit of that windbreaker was another opportunity to tell people about my grandmother. As such, that windbreaker connects me to her memory.  I feel happier when I wear it. And yes, I actually do wear it.


3.  What is the current product you use all the time?

A silicone tech wallet. I have been through many of them (I am tough on phones). I travel fairly frequently and often find myself wanting to carry as few items as possible. The tech wallet makes this easy. I always know where to find my room key, my ID, and a credit card.


4.  What is an idea/product that you think organizations UNDER use?

I think many companies underestimate how products they choose reflect upon their brand. Without sounding critical, I think many companies are lazy about the products they and more importantly, are even lazier with the messaging they put on those products. A well thought-out, clever product and message choice will not only reinforce a brand subconsciously set the company apart from others almost guaranteeing a future partnership with the consumer.


5.  What do you think is the best thing about Promotional Products as an advertising media?

Promotional products are not only the most effective form of advertising, they are also the most ingratiating. Not only can marketers convey a message that lasts, but their audience will thank them for doing it. The rumors are true, they work!


And…that’s another awesome edition of Brand-ecdotes!  Thanks to Dana Geiger for taking the time to jump in!


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