Affecting the Energy In The Room

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hasseman marketing positive energy One thing I know for sure…the energy in the room matters. You know it when you are in a room of excited, passionate, energetic people.  The energy in the room is palpable.  There is an intensity and purpose.  There is often laughter. On the flip side, you know it when the energy is down.  There is an unspoken hostility.  You can feel the frustration and anger bubbling just below the surface.  For me, it’s often almost hard to breathe, because the oxygen almost feels like it’s been decreased. You can feel it when you walk into the room.  We all can. I would also submit to you that just one person can affect that energy.  In a larger organization, that effect might be muted a bit.  But it will still be there.  In their corner of the company, one negative person can suck the energy out.  It will affect the rest of their team.   But in a small company, that one person can be a disaster.  A person with a “bad apple” attitude can seep that attitude into every corner of the place.  It will start by infecting the employees, and then it will make it’s way to the people you want to serve.   Most of us have seen it happen.  You have seen it in school, or in companies, or even in communities.   So if we agree that: 1.  The energy of an organization is palpable…and…2.  That energy can affect the power of the organization…and…3.  One person can change that energy for the good or for the bad… Then there is just one important question to ask yourself today. What kind of person will you be in your organization? We all have the ability to impact our organization.  We just have to choose how we want to do it.   Choose wisely. Make sure you never miss an update.  Sign up here to become a part of our VIP list.  

So You're In Sales…?

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 When this guy asks you to be on his podcast…answer the call!   I had a blast recently when Roger Burnett asked me to be on his podcast!  Roger is a long time sales guru and is the VP of Sales for Branded Logistics.  He is also a Co-Founder of an organization called Promo Cares.  The goal of the organization is to get Promo Super Heros to “put on the cape” and use their power for social good. When Roger asked me to be on his podcast he promised not to ask me the “easy and standard” questions.  Though that is a little intimidating, it was really fun to cover some new ground here.  So feel free to listen in as we cover a range of topics including: * Why the skills that make a sales person and a sales manager are different…* How and why to justify the time and budget for content…* How content marketing is very much like fitness…* And quite a bit more! It was an honor and it was fun.  Listen in now…and let me (or Roger) know what you think!  Sign up for our VIP Newsletter here.  

7 Things to STOP Doing on Social Media Now

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 Social media can really be a wonderful thing.  We get the opportunity to connect with people from around the globe and reconnect with people from our past.  We get to share and communicate, and it gives each and every one of us a voice.  But we all know that there are some things about social media that are not as good.  People have a tendency to get themselves in trouble by making some pretty simple mistakes.  So here are some things that you (or the people your organization) should STOP doing right away. Stop Complaining About Work or Co-Workers:  If you are complaining about your co-workers or your job, and you think they can’t see it, you are wrong.  They will find out.  It’s unprofessional.  And if you don’t care that you lose your job, just keep in mind that your next employer will be checking social media on you too.  Stop Passive Aggressive Complaints:  This is when someone is obviously complaining about something that happened but does not want to address it in person.  “Some people should just stop…” or posts of the like.  If you have a problem with someone, be a grown up and talk to them about it.  Stop Claiming Free Speech:  The First Amendment was created so that we could speak out without fear of being imprisoned by the government…not for being a jerk on Facebook.  You do have freedom of speech, but you don’t have freedom of consequences.  Stop acting like you do. Stop Looking for a Reason to be Mad:  It seems like some people wake up each day searching for a reason to be outraged.  If you look for reasons to be angry all the time, you will find them (this post for example).  Stop seeking out reasons to be mad and you might actually get happier. Stop Comparing Your Life to Others:  The fact is, most people (myself included) sometimes put up our “highlight reel” on social media.  We post the pictures that look great.  We show our vacations, not the times we are crying in the corner.  Just be better than you were yesterday…stop worrying if Frank is on vacation again. Stop Saying “Woe is me:”  We all have challenges, and social media can be a place to vent…sometimes.  But if you are constantly complaining about your life, then stop it.  Take that time and energy and go out and change it.  Stop Forgetting Social is Public:  I am always a little amused when people are surprised that what they put on social gets seen by people.  It’s a public forum.  So when you post things, just understand that your co-workers, your boss, your customers and even your future employer can and will see it.  These are just seven things to stop, but it’s a good start.  Let me know if we have forgotten any that we need to add to the list.  Again, social media can be great.  But be smart…and it can be even better.  Want to learn more about Hasseman Marketing, check out our About us page here.  As always, you can shop online here.  And if you are a Promo Pro, you can get our Sales Playbook here.  Finally, feel free to sign up for our VIP list if you want to get updates and special each week. 

Why Your Organization Should Do a (Fun) Video!

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 I have worked with hundreds of organizations over the years that have (at one point or another) said, “We need a video.”  And in most of these instances, they are right!  The problem with the concept behind most of the videos is, well, they stink.  They are either too long, or too jargon-filled, or too salesy or too boring.  And did I mention too long? The problem with all of these video ideas is pretty simple.  The organization producing it makes the video for themselves.  I mean, they don’t mean to do that.  But they do.  Let’s face it, no one other than you wants to watch a 15 minute video about your company!  As a matter of fact, many people (raise your hand if you do this) actually choose NOT to watch videos if they see they are too long.  So that means the video could be absolutely awesome, and no one would watch it anyway.  So what do you do?  Make it fun.  Here are some reasons to make a video that is fun for your customers (and you)! You Show Personality:  If your company is boring, then this is probably not your thing.  But most companies are not.  And even if many people in your company are boring, someone within the organization might be a hoot.  People like it when you show personality.  They like to know who they are dealing with…and it allows them to get to know you when are you not asking for money!  🙂  Here is a recent video from Hasseman Marketing that shows us let our hair down. You Can Sell (with less sales):  At the end of the day, most of us understand that companies need create sales.  But humans like to buy, they don’t like to be sold.  A fun video can help you showcase features and strengths without it seeming salesy.  In this video from Distributor Central, I learn a ton about their software.  I also learn that I want to party with Dave. You Can Show Off Facilities:  When we moved into our new location a few years ago, we had some requests for tours of the place.  I am glad to do that, but it’s hard to at scale…unless we do a video tour worth watching!  To this day, this is one of my favorite videos we have created.  I dare you NOT to smile.  The fact is, a well done fun video can do a lot for your sales.  But in addition, I have found that our team has fun creating them.  Don’t get me wrong, we have plenty of grumbling about the process on the front end.  But once we get “rolling” we have a lot of fun goofing around and teasing each other.  It’s like a team building exercise that we don’t have to go off site for!  So if you think you need to create a video for your company, you are probably right.  But considering doing something outside the norm…and have some fun with .  You will be glad you did! P.S.  If you think hard enough you can work in Ninjas.  And everyone loves Ninjas Want more great content like this?  Sign up for our VIP list!  Get access to our weekly content and special deals…by simply going here!  Sign up today!