The New Website Is Here

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We are so excited to welcome you to our new and improved website!  At Hasseman Marketing, we work hard to provide our customers and prospects value, and we hope our new site is better designed to do just that.  On the other hand, we wanted to keep some of the personality that made our old site fun!  So let’s talk a bit about what you are going to find today…and moving forward!

We Are A Media Company:  I talk all of the time with our clients that “everyone is a media company” today.  I wrote this post last year and talked about my commitment to that.  But the fact is, though we create more content than most companies, we had it all over the place on the web.  This new and improved site has nearly all of our content in one place.  We have our blog on the site, which we have always had.  But you can also find Delivering Marketing Joy, my Day in the Life VLOG, and several podcasts…all right here!  My goal is to have a new piece of content on this page nearly every day!

Showcasing Our Services: Believe it or not, our old site did not have all of the things that we offered on it!  We want to fix that.  Now each of the areas where we can serve your business, has a dedicated page on the site.  Want to learn about our in house print offerings?  You can learn about that here.  Want to know how we can help you with video?  You can find that here.  And new to our services, we are now offering Web Development Services too!  We are excited to have Eric Dingler help us with this new service.  If you want to learn about this, you can find more information here.

As a side note, each of these services needs more detail…but that will be coming soon!

Contacting Our Team:  We always have fun with our About Us page, and this one is no different.  We included some testimonials from some great clients AND we have information about each of our great team members…and how to contact them!  You can find that page here.

So that’s what I think!  What do YOU think?  Let me know.  We are excited to continue to evolve and grow to serve you better!

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You Probably Won’t Read This Blog

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hasseman marketing content

Okay.  So maybe that was a bit of reverse psychology.  If you are reading this, though, it must have worked.   But I promise there is a point to this exercise. Many of you know that we have been creating content for quite some time now.  I have created hundreds of podcasts, probably over 300 videos, and well over 500 blog posts.

I have committed to the idea of creating value through content, because it’s the right thing to do.  (And it’s working).   But one thing I have yet to REALLY learn is what will work.  I talk about this a bit here.

What I mean by this is that sometimes I write a blog that I think is really good.  I am excited about the topic and I think it will add value to a lot of people.  I am fired up to push publish…and…nothing.  Often, those sure-fire hit blog posts don’t seem to resonate.   Then, especially as I was committed to writing a blog every day, I might crank out a quick one with very little thought and BOOM, that article takes off.

When I blogged about this in the link above I got quite a bit of feedback that I needed to see what my audience was passionate about, and stick with that.   So I tried.   I noticed that sometimes I wrote specifically about a marketing topic, and that did well.  For example, this blog about how to deal with Haters online was read quite a bit.  So I decided to write another article like that.  Here is a one that discusses treating social media like a cocktail party.

The results?  Meh.

Okay…maybe it’s about “real” stories and authenticity.  This is a word everyone throws around a ton, so that must be true!  I wrote this article saying “I am NOT for everyone” and it was one of the most read blogs of 2018.  It was written out of a moment of frustration.

So what if I shared those moments more?  I wrote this blog about being overwhelmed and…well…the results were okay.   I have had the same results with video.  I am excited about my Day in the Life videos.  For example, this one where we lost our Drone got over 500 views pretty quickly.  But we have others in this series that (it feels like) no one watches.

Just currently, I am excited about this video we created that’s a little more inspirational.  It’s gotten some great feedback, so I am thinking of creating more things like that. The point of all of this exercise is that it’s a work in process.  Even the best content creators have pieces of content that flop.

It happens in Hollywood all of the time!  The best studios, producers and actors team up on a project…and no one cares.   So if it happens to the best, don’t worry when it happens to you.  It’s important, I think, to just keep showing up.  Keep pushing out your message and your value into the world.  You probably won’t know when something will flop.

But you also might be delighted when something really takes off and makes a difference. Oh…and the same is true for sales too.  You never know if THIS will be the sales call that helps you break through.   Go get it.

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Start Treating Social Like a Cocktail Party

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I have heard Twitter called the Cocktail Party of social media.  Though I think that has merit, I don’t think it takes it far enough.  I think Social Media is the new Cocktail Party.   “Ok,” you might be thinking.  “Why does that matter?”

It matters, because I think it really does give us a roadmap for how to behave online.  The more I have the chance to speak to groups and organizations around the country on the topic, the more I am convinced.  We hear all of the time that social media is different.  It’s making people act differently.  And, certainly, in some cases that is the truth.

There are the “keyboard activists” that you hear about all of the time.  There are trolls.  But those people are around us every day…not just online. My contention is social media is VERY much like the three-dimensional world.  We try to make it different.  But if we treat social media just like real life, we would be better off!  Here are a few similarities I see between social media and a cocktail party.

Don’t Lead with Politics:  If you just moved into a new neighborhood, and you were invited to a cookout, you would probably not introduce yourself to your new neighbors with political vitriol.  You might not like the current President (or the last one), but you probably would not LEAD with that.  And even if you did, you would not continue to say it all night long.  We all know that person that posts 8 times per day about his or her political rants.  I guess you might do this, but you would not be invited back.

Less Mean…More Good:  If you (and the rest of social media) communicated as if they might see people later that day, we would all get more civil.  Here’s the thing, we might still have the same opinions, but we would say them differently.  What your mom told you years ago is still right.  “It’s not what you say, but how you say it.”

Don’t Sell ALL of the Time:  I am looking at you businesses and salespeople!  You would never walk up to every person at a cocktail party and try to sell them your product without knowing anything about them!  Sure, you might want to sell to them…but not at hello!  But businesses do this all of the time!  You go to their pages and all it says is “Buy from me.  Buy from me.  Buy from me.”  Just like it real life, people are saying “I have to go over here” to get away from you.

Make People Laugh:  People who are fun to follow online are very much like people you want to hang out with in real life.  They make you laugh.  They make you feel good about you.  They inspire you.  In a world where everyone seems to be all about snark and cynicism, make people smile.  That transcends any platform. So if you (and your team) want to be better on social, stop treating it differently.  Start treating it just like your next networking event.  You might be surprised with your results.

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3 Simple Steps To Dealing with Haters Online

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hasseman marketing haters Let’s address a “hypothetical situation” that happens all of the time. You have taken the time to create a social media presence.  You have a good looking Facebook page and you post valuable content regularly.  You are providing good information and engaging with the growing audience.  You are killing it with your social media marketing.   Then one day, you get a negative comment.   A customer came to your location and had a bad experience.  They might have had an actual bad experience…or maybe they are just a difficult person.  Their coffee was cold.  Or their server was slow.  Or their customer service representative was rude.  Whatever the reason, they have decided to let the entire world know via social media!   What do you do now? If this does not sound familiar yet, it will.  The reality is, with the internet, everyone has a voice.  And when people feel they have been wronged, they want to share that experience.  The thing is, this is not a new thing.  People have always shared their negative opinions.  Now, everyone just has a larger audience.  So what do you, as an organization, do when you get one of these negative comments online?  There are a couple steps to take (and they are outlined in detail in the GREAT book by Jay Baer “Hug Your Haters.“) But before we get to the simple steps, let’s reframe the discussion.  We need to look a bit differently about the feedback.  As I mentioned above, these conversations have always happened.  But now you get to be a part of them!  You get to address (sometimes) very real issues with your service so that future customers don’t have the same experience.  This is incredible intel to make your organization better!  You need to start by looking at it that way.  Don’t get defensive…get pro-active to fix the issue. Now onto the simple steps. When you receive a negative comment about your company, product or service, I recommend you respond to the comment by doing three things.  Apologize.  Empathize.  Take it offline. 1.  Apologize:  Regardless of the issue, you don’t want your customer or prospects to have a bad experience, right? So apologize for it.  “I am so sorry you had this experience.”   2.  Empathize:  This is when many of us feel the need to “give a reason” why this happened.  This “reason” often comes off as an “excuse.”  No one wants an excuse.  They want to know they are valued. 3.  Take if offline:  I recommend you give them a number (to a real person) to call to discuss their issue.  First, this shows you really want to handle it.  Second, it keeps you from getting into an argument online…NEVER a good idea. This can be an incredibly effective technique.  Often, you won’t ever get the call from the person.  They just wanted to vent.  But by responding, you not only responded to that customer, but everyone who knows them SEES that you responded.  It shows you care enough to try and fix the issue.   And as customers, we know that caring can go a long way.   Make sure you never miss an update.  Sign up for our VIP newsletter here.  We group all of our content for the week and put it in one email.  Sign up here to be on the list!

Doubling Down on Video

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hasseman marketing video At the beginning of this year, I made a commitment to do more video.   The goal was to provide value through content in new ways.  It might be to entertain, educate or inspire.  And though we have been super active with this blog (and I want to continue to be), I felt like video is another way to reach out. So I wanted to share a few videos that you might not have seen so far this year.  Oh…and if you want to make sure don’t miss, you can subscribe to my Youtube channel here.  My goal is to increase my number of subscribers…so you can help! Delivering Marketing Joy:  As you may or may not know, I have been doing a web show called Delivering Marketing Joy for several years now.  Every Wednesday, I interview a new marketer, entrepreneur, author or leader…and I have done that for over 220 episodes!  Today I talk to Jason Lucash from Origaudio, and you can watch that here. Motivational:  I have also tried to make a commitment to inspire more this year through video.  This recent video for the New Year is an example of that.  Watch this and let me know what you think!  Remember, if you want to have a better year (or week or month) you need to take action! Day in the Life:  In addition, I started a vlog series that I call a “day in the life” that follows me around in different areas of business.  This is from a recent trip to Vegas for the PPAI Expo.  The goal is to entertain and inform…and there will be plenty more to come. Community Support:  Finally, I want to help support things in the community that inspire me.  That’s why I created this video about Kids America and this short video about helping the homeless.   Either way, my hope is I will be creating some video that you enjoy.  As I said, if you are interested, feel free to subscribe to my Youtube channel here. And of course if you want to make sure you never miss any content, you can sign up to be a VIP here.