Jeff's Pick – Coffee Mug & Wine Gass

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It’s time for a tradition like no other!  Each week, our very own Jeff Wickerham takes the time to highlight a specific promotional product that he thinks YOU should know about!Keepin’ the hot, hot and the cold, cold.  Jeff’s pick this week is the Halcyon Coffee Mug and the Halcyon Stainless Steel Wine Glass. Both of these unique items have a rubberized, soft touch feel. They are double wall stainless steel.  Keeping your fingers cool and your drink hot….or cold, whichever you prefer. Add your one color logo to this to remind your customers about you and your brand! 

This is a great deal…and one worth considering for your next promotion.  If you need more information, please email us here.


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Last Week at Hasseman Marketing

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 It’s time for your weekly look at the Hasseman hustle.  Here is the content we put out Last Week…at Hasseman Marketing! How to Reach Coffee Drinkers:  Did you know that over 50% of Americans drink coffee?  That, my friends, is a big number.  Here are some promotional products that are perfect to reach that BIG audience! Weekly Word:  If you are not using video to promote your organization, you are missing out.  Learn more on the Weekly Word! Super Charge Your Marketing:  You want to get the most out of your marketing efforts, right?  Of course you do!  Otherwise you would not be reading this blog!  Here are some quick ideas on how to combine Social and Promo to Supercharge! Delivering Marketing Joy:  On this episode of Delivering Marketing Joy, we meet S. Chris Edmonds.  Chris tells us why we need an organizational constitution and why culture matters.  Good stuff…watch that here. Customer Appreciation Show:  If you don’t already know, this is the event you REALLY should attend.  Of course we want the opportunity to say “thank you.”  We really do appreciate your business.  But we also set up a trade show just for you.  It’s a GREAT way to brainstorm ideas to grow your business!  Please learn more (and register) here. What Do I Do Now?  Ever have an sales call, event or idea totally fall flat?  You had so much hope!  We get it.  Here is a quick blog post on how to react! Look for the Good:  We all have that “one person” that we just can’t seem to get along with.  (Some of us have quite a few!).  Those folks can drain our energy and totally mess up our focus.  That’s a problem.  So here is a way to help…look for the good. The FAST Five!  We are super excited about this new segment from Hasseman Marketing!  It’s called the FAST Five…and it focuses on a different niche each week…and how to reach it.  Great products.  Great ideas.  Super fast.  Check out the first edition here! That wraps up Last Week at Hasseman Marketing…now try and keep up! 

5 Products To Reach Coffee Drinkers

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 Recent data shows that 54% of Americans drink coffee every day.  That’s a big number.  In addition, their average consumption is around 3 8 ounce cups per day.  Therefore, American coffee drinkers consume around 382 millions cups of joe per day.  Where some see big numbers, I see opportunity!  So how do you reach those folks (more than half) of Americans) right where they are?  Here are a few products to target them while they get “their fix.” Sure Grip Cup Sleeve:  As a coffee drinker, I can tell you that grabbing a paper cup of coffee can be down right painful!  It’s hard to drink and hard to hold…which makes it a very real possiblity to spill!  No good.  So here is the Sure Grip Cup Sleeve.  It goes around most any size cup to keep the burnt fingers to a minimum!  Absorbent Stone Car Coaster Set:  No matter how hard you try, sometimes you spill.  So keep that from becoming a giant, sticky mess in the car with these cool items.  The fit in most car cup holders and help to keep the mess to a minimum…and your brand front and center. Multi Use Measuring Spoon:  The best promo items are ones you use every day.  I use this to make my pot of coffee every morning!  This Multi Use Measuring Spoon has a pretty low price point and is very functional for the coffee maker!  14 oz Persona Vacuum Tumbler:  Anyone that commutes to work will LOVE this tumbler.  This will keep your coffee hot for hours so you can continue to enjoy your coffee long after most people have dumped theirs out.  This will be come your customer’s favorite coffee cup for on the go. Offero Ceramic Mug:  This if for your lover of gourmet coffee (specifically the smell!).  The offero is designed with a low front and higher back to the mug so you can really be surrounded by the smell of your coffee.  Very cool!  If you want people to really enjoy their coffee (or the coffee you sell) this is the mug for you! The coffee drinking audience in the United States is huge.  So make sure you consider the best way to reach them.  These are a great way to start! Hasseman Marketing is a promotional products distributor and full service marketing company that is the world leader on Delivering Marketing Joy!