The Distance Between "I Can," and "I Do"

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 I have a new “Equation for Happy” in your life.  Stay tuned…first I have a question.  Have you ever had a day where you were so slammed at work that you could hardly keep up?  Every time you answered an email to a client, you got another.  Every time you sent a quote to a client, you got another request.  As you were talking to one customer, you get a call from that prospect you have been chasing.  Every once in a while, you stop just to “catch your breath” because things are moving so fast.   For me, those are the best days.   Don’t get me wrong.  They are stressful days.  But they are also days when I feel like I am maxing out my productivity.  They are days when I feel the most alive, and excited.  Ironically, these are days when I feel like I am most creative too!   I think I have figured out why. It’s because on those days, the distance between what “I can do” and what “I do” is small.  I am doing what I can all I can toward my goals.  Those are the days I am most happy. You see I think that is one of the reasons most of us don’t actually feel happy or fulfilled.  We have dreams.  We have goals.  And as Mel Robbins says in the 5 Second Rule (yes you should totally read or listen to that book), when you know what you want, you start to get urges to work toward those goals.  But so often, we don’t.    We delay.  We procrastinate.  We delay.  We justify.  But we don’t actually take consistent, measured action toward the goal.  And on some level, we know it.  It’s on us.  So we don’t feel good about it.  We know we have cheated…and we have only cheated ourselves.   And this is any area of our life where we are trying to improve.  Whether it’s fitness, or finance, or sales, or family, it’s the same. You are most happy when the distance between “I can do” and “I do” is the smallest.  The closer those get…the happier and more fulfilled your life will be. So today…start fresh.  When you get the urge…do it.  Make the call.  Get on the treadmill.  Give to the needy.  Whatever you feel the need to do, don’t wait.  Take action.  Decrease the distance between “I can” and “I do.” Make sure you never miss an update.  Sign up for our VIP newsletter below.          

5 Books I Want My Daughters to Read

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 “In 5 years you be the same person, except for the people you meet and the books you read.”   You have the ability to get smarter.  You have the ability to grow.  You are NOT the same person you will be…if you choose to read (or listen to) books.  You get to choose.   But what books?  I have already given you a list of books that I recommend for people in sales (and we are all in sales).  That got me thinking about the books that I think are foundational.  These are the books, that if you haven’t already read, I think you should.  These are the books I want my daughters to read. Mindset by Carol Dwek:  If you have not read this book, start here.  In this book Dr. Carol Dwek explains that there are really only two mindsets; fixed and growth.  And your Mindset, can unknowingly determine the overall trajectory of your life.  This is powerful and is a must read for anyone that wants to get better…at anything. 7 Habits for Highly Effective People:  Yes I recommend this book a lot.  That’s because I find myself quoting it all the time, and it’s been years since I read it.  There are so many foundational principles in it that can help anyone.  If you want to improve, then be pro-active, stay in your circle of influence, and sharpen the saw by reading this book!  🙂 The 5 Second Rule:  This is a great book to get you un-stuck.  It’s a simple principle…but simple does not always mean easy.  And if you are going to get this one, I recommend the audiobook because the author Mel Robbins is awesome on it.   The Happiness Equation:  I found this one easy to read and a pleasure to learn.  Your mind functions better when you feed it “happy.”  Author Neil Pasricha explains the “hows” and the “whys” in this great book. Fan of Happy:  Okay, you have to give me this one.  It’s a book about personal development that I (quite literally) wrote for my daughters.  You can check it out here. So those are just a few “foundational” books on personal development that I think everyone (including my daughters) should read.  As always, let me know your favorites!  And remember, never miss an update by signing up for our VIP newsletter here!

What is Motivation Worth?

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 “Motivation is garbage.” Mel Robbins. I respectfully disagree. Mel Robbins is the author of the 5 Second Rule and a person who I really admire.  She teaches concepts (backed by science) that help people get out of their own way, and take action.  Seriously, if you have not read or listened to the 5 Second Rule, you should.  It’s awesome.   And in this case, I do understand what she is saying.  She talks about it here in this video interview.  She is saying it does not make sense to wait for motivation to “do” whatever it is you should do.  I get that. And I actually agree.  You don’t wait to be motivated to act.  The best create things they need to do in order to move them to their goals.  Then they need to do that each day.  They can’t wait to be motivated to do it.  They just need to do it.  5-4-3-2-1.   What I disagree with is the idea that listening, reading or consuming some sort of motivating material doesn’t help.  It does.  I can only speak from experience here.  But pushing some sort of motivational material into my head, makes me want to take action.  And in my book, anything that makes me want to take action, is a good thing.   What I like to do is create a habit of pushing motivational (or good things) into my brain on a regular basis.  I have a different take.  It’s not that motivation doesn’t work.  It’s that it doesn’t last.  As the great Zig Ziglar once said… “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” So it’s not that motivation doesn’t work.  It does.  It’s just that it doesn’t last.  We need to constantly remind ourselves to “get after it.”   So get after it.  Don’t lose your motivation.  Make sure you get your daily dose.  You can follow us on Facebook here.  Or you can sign up for our VIP newsletter here.   

DMJ Podcast: 5 Books I Recommend

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 The Delivering Marketing Joy Podcast is back!  Our goal here is to attack 2018 with a vengeance!  The Delivering Marketing Joy Podcast will provide some inspiration, motivation and education to make it happen!  Consider this your 10 minute “kick in the pants” to get your week started off right! This week on the podcast I discuss a list I get asked about all of the time…what to read.  On this DMJ Podcast I discuss 5 Books that I recommend all of the time.  There are a couple of classics…and a few new ones.  Listen in and find out what is on my must-read list.  Oh…and you can watch on Youtube here as well (subscribe while you are there).   Want links to each of these books?  We can do that.  Here is the short list of books with links to each of them on Amazon.   1.  7 Habits of Highly Effective People 2.  E-Myth  3.  5 Second Rule 4.  The Motivation Myth 5.  Finish There are many more books that really motivate and inspire me.  But what are yours?  Let us know!  Again…you can subscribe to my Youtube channel here.  And if you never want to miss an update, make sure to sign up for our VIP newsletter here.