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 When this guy asks you to be on his podcast…answer the call!   I had a blast recently when Roger Burnett asked me to be on his podcast!  Roger is a long time sales guru and is the VP of Sales for Branded Logistics.  He is also a Co-Founder of an organization called Promo Cares.  The goal of the organization is to get Promo Super Heros to “put on the cape” and use their power for social good. When Roger asked me to be on his podcast he promised not to ask me the “easy and standard” questions.  Though that is a little intimidating, it was really fun to cover some new ground here.  So feel free to listen in as we cover a range of topics including: * Why the skills that make a sales person and a sales manager are different…* How and why to justify the time and budget for content…* How content marketing is very much like fitness…* And quite a bit more! It was an honor and it was fun.  Listen in now…and let me (or Roger) know what you think!  Sign up for our VIP Newsletter here.  

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