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see the people in sales

It turns out my first sales manager was half right.  When I first got in sales, I was told “When in doubt, go and see the people.”  It was an over-simplification, of course.  On the other hand, it’s always seemed to work for me.  When I was waiting for the phone to ring or waiting for the sales to come in, I hear that voice.   “Go and see the people.”

In Jonah Berger’s book “Invisible Influence” I am starting to learn why this works.  In multiple studies, Berger explains that familiarity and having the “people see you” works. In one study, pictures of female students were judged on their level of attractiveness.  (Cringe all you want, it was the study).  It turns out that if the female students were seen in the class, they were judged to be more attractive.   Other studies showed that “being seen” more often could make your more likable and trustworthy.

From my perspective this brings powerful insights into the world of sales, brand building and more!  So here are a few takeaways…

See the People 

Though the script has flipped a bit, the adage still holds water.  When you are feeling reactive in your business, get out of your office and go “let the people see you.”  And if you can add value in some way (or just to say thanks like this post suggests), even better.

Social Media 

This is one of the reason great social media works.  We are giving people a chance to “see us” on a regular basis.  Some people would say this can be overdone.  Maybe.  But the science from this book suggests otherwise.

Consistency is Key 

This is also a bit of science to back up my belief in consistency.  Whether we are talking about social media, content marketing or sales, you need to be consistent in your efforts.  We all have that voice in our heads that tells us we need to’s too much.  But we need to push through that and continue to “show up” with your prospects and clients.   Let them “see you” over and over again. Make sure never miss the opportunity to “see us!”

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