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 It’s time for the Weekly Update of Content here…and we hope this gives you some information, inspiration and insight! Stop Looking for a Reason:  As a culture, it seems like we are angry or offended about something new nearly every day.  So if you want to be more happy, stop looking for a reason to be pissed. Weekly Word:  If you want to be lifted up in life, the best way is often to lift up others.  So the Weekly Word this week reminds you to Encourage others…you will be glad you did. After it Stops Being Fun:  With every new project, there is a sense of excitement and learning.  But at some point, you get tired.  What do YOU do after it stops being fun? Delivering Marketing Joy:  This week we take a look at some great advice from several leaders in the sales world.  Check out this “greatest hits” edition of Delivering Marketing Joy!  Adapt To Your Environment:  The marketing world is changing fast today.  There are new ways to get cut out…and opportunities as well.  How are you Adapting to the Environment? Keep Your Head on a Swivel:  You may have heard this saying on a football field, or in a movie.  But today you learn how you can “keep your head on a swivel”...and think of others.  7 Business Books To Read:  Kirby has been on a mission to read 50 personal development and business books this year.  But what if you don’t have time to read that many?  Here are 7 that might help you build a great organization. Today’s To Do List:  Each day you may put together a “to do list” that helps you complete tasks during the day.  But with the passing of Scott Weiland, Kirby put together a different to do list for today…in case tomorrow never comes. 


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