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hasseman marketing holiday party Tis the season for holiday parties!   Your reaction to that statement probably reflects a few factors.  First, it might depend on how you feel about getting together in public.  It also might depend on how you feel about the holidays.  But maybe the most powerful indicator about how you feel about holiday parties is what kind of festivities you have been to in the past.   Last night I attended one that was great.  And it got me to thinking…what makes a great holiday event?  Here is a quick (and likely incomplete) list. 1.  Socialization:  I love it when I get the opportunity to meet and greet with great people.  The holidays can be a time when you are so caught up getting ready for them, that you don’t take time to enjoy them.  The best parties allow the time for you to connect with good people. 2.  Food And Drink:  Whether it’s finger foods or a full meal, then best holiday gatherings offer the chance to enjoy something good to eat and drink.   3.  Laughter:  For me, I love any event when I get a chance to laugh.  Whether you create that opportunity for your guests, or it happens naturally, laughter is the best holiday song.  Create an atmosphere where everyone can have some fun. 4.  Appreciation:  The holiday season is a great time to show your gratitude.  Whether it’s for your team or for your customers (or both), a cool holiday party gives you the chance to say “thank you.”  Last night I attended a party where the leaders got up and personally expressed gratitude over the microphone, then they gave each attendee a gift on the way out.  It was simple and classy.   So if you are planning a holiday event, those are a few simple keys to keep in mind.  But as I said, this list is likely woefully incomplete.  What makes holiday events for you?  Let us know! Make sure you never miss an update!  It’s time to become a VIP!  Sign up for our VIP list here.

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