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just say it

I grew up in a world where Nike encouraged all of us that wanted to achieve in sports, to get in shape, or to get off the couch to “Just Do It!”  This brilliant marketing campaign not only marketed Nike and sold shoes, but it created a lexicon that helped us to motivate ourselves…and our family and friends.

And while I love this marketing campaign and what it means, I feel like there is a new slant on this that I am working to implement in my life.

Just Say It!

If you are like me, there are many times in your life when you get an urge to tell someone in your life “something good.”  You think of them and want to give them encouragement.  They pop into your head and you feel grateful that they are in your life.  This person pops in your head and you get an “urging” to act.  In that moment, most of us, try to make a mental note and think “I will do that later.”  And then we never do.  I know this has happened to me.

So today, my mantra is simple.  Just say it.  In that moment, when you think of that important person in your life, take the time.  Make the time.  Text them.  Call them.  Send them a Snapchat.

Don’t wait for tomorrow.  Use this moment to push out some good.  Just say it.

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