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hasseman marketing just one more


When I was younger, and I thought tennis was my entire life, I played with the mantra of “just one more.”  I was not the strongest or fastest or most skilled player.  But I thought if I could get “just one more” ball back over the net, good things would happen. 


It turned out I was right. 


When I was able to get that “just one more” ball back into play, often the opponent would be surprised or annoyed (or whatever) and miss their next shot. 


I won a lot of points on “just one more.”


Now, it turns out, this is a great mantra to reach success in other areas of your life too.  You can get a lot done by implementing “just one more.”


Just one more sales call.


Just one more run through.


Just one more phone call.


Just one more blog post.


Just one more video.


Just one more thank you note.


Just one more mile.


Just one more hug.


Just one more minute with an employee that needs you.


Just one more word of encouragement.


So when you are tired, frustrated, impatient and at your wit’s end.  Do “just one more.”


Then do that again.


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