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 One of the mental challenges I have with creating content on an every day basis is “the voice.”  I talked about that here.  We all have it.  My voice regularly tells me that I come off as a know it all.  I am writing about personal development issues.  So naturally, I must think I know everything.   I don’t. As a matter of fact, I really struggle, every day with many things that I am not good at.  It’s not that I beat myself up over it.  I just don’t get it right.  A lot.  So in the interest of transparency, I thought I would share some of the things I suck at.   My Temper:  When my stress levels go up, the length of my fuse goes way down.  Then all of a sudden I find myself blowing up at someone (who is perfectly nice) over something stupid.  Though my temper is way better than it used to be…I still struggle here. The Numbers Game:  This is painful to admit.  I have been in business now for many years and reading a P & L is still painful to me.  I can do it.  But it takes all of my mental energy.  So I don’t analyze and work on these details nearly as much as I should.   Listening:  I know (intellectually) that the number one skill in sales is to listen. I know it.  But sometimes I cannot simply shut up!  Maybe it’s because I am excited to tell the person something new.  Maybe it’s because I have the attention span of a gnat.  Maybe it’s because I am a narcissistic jerk.  Either way…I need to work on it. Switching gears:  Though I believe in single tasking, sometimes business and life requires us to change from one thing to another.  Sometimes I struggle with this…and it leads me back to number one (my temper).  I need to take a breath…and move on. Meditate:  I know I need to meditate.  I am learning more and more of the benefits.  And I am even doing it…sometimes.  But just like exercise (or anything else you want to be good at) I need to do it every day.   I am not. This list is woefully incomplete.  But I guess…so am I.  I struggle with a lot.  This is not an exercise in beating myself up.  It’s just an exercise in transparency.  The fact is, I suck at this stuff.  But I am getting getter…slow but sure.   Make sure you never miss an update.  Sign up for our VIP newsletter and we can try and get better together.