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I was working with a brand new sales rep the other day (don’t worry, we will have more on that soon), and she asked me a question. “What do you say when a prospect says ‘We already have someone who does this and we are super happy?'” she asked me.

This is a love/hate question for me.  I hate it because whenever I am asked, the person asking is hoping for that magic response that opens all sales doors.  This response is the ultimate objection over-comer.  I hate the question, because I don’t think that answer exists.  At least I don’t want it to.

I love the question because it reveals an important secret in sales.  It reveals that much of what we have been taught about sales training (through movies and books) is a lie.  Your job, as a salesperson (or entrepreneur, etc.) is NOT to convince people who don’t want to buy from you to buy from you.  It’s not.  That will be frustrating and a huge waste of time.

Your job is to help guide prospects who ARE interested in buying to buy from you.  Your job is to serve them.  Your job is to be a human.

So my response is simple when I get this push back.

“You already have someone and are happy?  That is awesome.  I respect that loyalty.  I certainly hope my clients have that same loyalty for us!  You have your number 1 option.  But if you ever need another quote, another set of ideas, we would love to be your number 2 option.”

So…how do you sell to someone who does not want to buy?  You don’t.  Simple as that.

The fact is, with most products there are plenty of people who are interested in what you are selling.  There is plenty of business out there to get.  Doesn’t it make more sense to focus on those people that are interested?  It’s a waste of time to chase people who (for whatever reason) are not. Oh, and as a side note, most people are so used to being “sold to,” that by simply being “a human” about it, you might actually win them over.

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