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hasseman properties progress Yesterday morning, we got a call that there was a leak at a building we have been working on in Coshocton.  Technically, my lovely bride, Amy has been working on it.  You can see some of the progress on this video.   When we bought the building, it needed a lot of work.   It’s hard, expensive and slow work.  It’s important, but the progress can seem frustratingly slow.  And on mornings like this, when we get a call about a problem, it’s really hard not to be annoyed.   You look around and all you see is challenges.  All you see is how far you have to go. If you have ever chased a big and challenging goal, my hunch is, this moment feels familiar to you.  Whether your goal is get in shape, grow your sales, train for event, build a business, we all get to that point in the road where all we can see is potholes. In that moment, it might be time to look back.   You heard me right.  Yes, it’s important to “keep your eyes on the prize” or “gaze at the end goal,” or any other cliche’.  But sometimes it’s important to remind yourself how far you have come.  In our case, we can look back at the first video we shot when getting the building.  It was a mess.  It was unsafe.  It was scary. Yes, we do have a long way to go.  But wow!  We have come a long way.  As we look around at the painting that has been done, the renovations, and the improvement in culture and safety, it’s enough inspiration to get us back on track. So if you are at that moment in your journey, take heart.  Though you still have a long way to go, you have probably made quite a few strides in the right direction.  Take a few moments to celebrate those. Then you might have the motivation to get back to work. Make sure you never miss an update!  There are plenty of places to connect.  You can find us on Facebook here, subscribe to Youtube here, or you can sign up for our VIP newsletter below!     

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