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hasseman celebrate little things Today was a snow day.   I know, that’s not a huge revelation on February 1st in Ohio.  The winter that had started out very mild, has turned more harsh over the last couple of weeks.   So when I got the call this morning to alert me that school was cancelled, it was not a huge surprise.  The call came a about 15 minutes before my scheduled alarm was set to go off.  And, as I processed the information, I realized that my morning appointment had cancelled yesterday.  My morning had just opened up. I stood up and turned my alarm off.  Then I crawled back into bed and snuggled under the covers with my lovely bride…and smiled.  It was a “little moment of celebration.” In business and in life, we are taught to celebrate the huge victories.  If you win the big game, land the huge client, graduate, get married, or get that job, we throw a party.  These are special moments and they should be celebrated.  But moments like that are, well, special.  That means they are (by definition) rare.  They don’t come along that often.   And while they are fun to celebrate in that moment (and great to shoot for) they don’t provide many opportunities for satisfaction.  In the middle of grinding for a big goal, I think it’s important to give yourself reasons to celebrate along the way.  These moments of happiness and gratitude can help to boost you when you need it.  In addition, they can help to provide some level of fulfillment along the way.   These “little moments of celebration” can help you with that. Now don’t get me wrong.  It’s not a daily time to be lazy.  It’s a simple time to take a breath and take stock.  Then, after reflecting on how far you have come, or how much you have to be thankful for, you can get back to work. Make sure you never miss an update or a chance for a “little celebration.”  Sign up to become our VIP!  Each week we send a list of the content we have created to provide you value.  Sign up for that here. 

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