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good versus popular

I was standing at the cooler trying to make a decision.  There were lots of choices (as there always seems to be).  How to decide?

So I asked the person behind the counter about one I was considering.  “Do you know if this one is good?”   She didn’t actually answer the question. Her answer?  “I have not had it.  But we sell a lot of it.  It’s popular.”

And even though I know (in my brain) that “popular” is not the same as “good,” I bought it.  It’s something to consider as we create sales and marketing material.  Whether it’s true or not, we equate “popular” with “good.”  It makes purchasing decisions easier for us.  As much as we say we don’t want to follow the crowd, most people do.   So when you are asked if your product or service is good, maybe you shouldn’t answer that question.

But I am not sure that will be popular.

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