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hasseman $500 hour If you are in sales, you need to read this.  If you are not in sales, remember this…everyone is in sales. I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was at the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas several years ago on education day.  I had stepped into a class led by Greg Muzzillo from Proforma in hopes of being educated and enlightened.  Greg did not disappoint.  Years later, I still remember a question he asked. “In every business there is $15 an hour work, $50 an hour work and $500 an hour work.  How many of you want to do the $500 an hour work?” Without exception, the room full of people (including me) raised their hands.  “LIARS!”  he yelled at us.  “All of you say you want the $500 an hour work, but every day you go straight to your desk to start on the $15 an hour work.”   For me, at this moment, this was a wake up call.  His point was, there is nothing wrong with the administrative tasks in a business.  They are vital.  But as a salesperson, you bring the most value to your organization by getting in front of clients.  When you are meeting with clients, you get the most return on your time. He finished with this statement, “There is no money behind your desk!  Stop looking there!” I love this.  The fact is, it is easy and comfortable (as a salesperson) to do the non-sales activities.  As I said above, they are important.  They need done.  But they are not the activity that brings you and your organization the most value on YOUR time.  And that is the key, I think, regardless of what role you play in the organization.  What is the role that you do that brings the company the most return? *If you are in billing, it might be sending invoices.   *If you are at the front desk it might be answering the phone quickly and with a smile. *If you are in sales, it is most likely meeting (face to face) with clients.   Anything you do instead of that is costing you money.   In his new book, Clockwork, Mike Michaelowicz explains a concept called the QBR (Queen Bee Role).  The idea is, the QBR is the most important role in a business.  That needs to get done.  Everyone needs to either serve the QBR or protect it.   Figure out your QBR and focus your time and attention on that.  And remember sales team… There is no money behind your desk!  Stop looking there! Make sure you never miss an update!  Sign up for our VIP newsletter here!