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hasseman marketing fear There is a correlation between Fear and Fire. I heard a great analogy about fear from Grant Cardone.  Grant is a hard charging sales trainer and real estate entrepreneur and author.  He has penned several books including the 10X Rule.  Grant compares Fear to Fire.  Fire is powerful and is fueled by oxygen.  The more oxygen a fire gets, the more likely it is to grow.  But if you cut out the oxygen, the fire goes away.  No oxygen = no fire. Fear is powerful as well.  It can drive us or stop us.  The fuel for fear is time.  The more time you give fear, the bigger the fear gets!  So the way to cut out fear is to cut out time. When you have that urge to make that next sales call, or go to that next conference, or go up to that stranger and introduce yourself, your brain will try and talk you out of it.  It wants to keep you comfortable.  So, it gives you fear.  In response to the fear, our natural response is to wait.  We have to wait until we are ready, or until the music is right or the script is better or until the website is complete.  We feed the fear with time…and the fear gets bigger. So the next time you have that urge to do something you know you need to do, don’t wait until you are ready.  Take advice from Nike.  Just do it.  Don’t wait until the time is right…it never will be.  Don’t wait for the script to be perfect, it can’t be.  Just act.  Take away the time…and you will choke out the fear. Now might be a great time to act for you.  Join our VIP list.  We send out an email once a week with all of our content in one place.  You can sign up here.

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