The New Website Is Here

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We are so excited to welcome you to our new and improved website!  At Hasseman Marketing, we work hard to provide our customers and prospects value, and we hope our new site is better designed to do just that.  On the other hand, we wanted to keep some of the personality that made our old site fun!  So let’s talk a bit about what you are going to find today…and moving forward!

We Are A Media Company:  I talk all of the time with our clients that “everyone is a media company” today.  I wrote this post last year and talked about my commitment to that.  But the fact is, though we create more content than most companies, we had it all over the place on the web.  This new and improved site has nearly all of our content in one place.  We have our blog on the site, which we have always had.  But you can also find Delivering Marketing Joy, my Day in the Life VLOG, and several podcasts…all right here!  My goal is to have a new piece of content on this page nearly every day!

Showcasing Our Services: Believe it or not, our old site did not have all of the things that we offered on it!  We want to fix that.  Now each of the areas where we can serve your business, has a dedicated page on the site.  Want to learn about our in house print offerings?  You can learn about that here.  Want to know how we can help you with video?  You can find that here.  And new to our services, we are now offering Web Development Services too!  We are excited to have Eric Dingler help us with this new service.  If you want to learn about this, you can find more information here.

As a side note, each of these services needs more detail…but that will be coming soon!

Contacting Our Team:  We always have fun with our About Us page, and this one is no different.  We included some testimonials from some great clients AND we have information about each of our great team members…and how to contact them!  You can find that page here.

So that’s what I think!  What do YOU think?  Let me know.  We are excited to continue to evolve and grow to serve you better!

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Stop Blaming “They.” It’s Up To You.

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It was several years ago and I had just come from a community meeting.  I walked into a local retailer and started talking to the nice woman behind the counter.  The topic changed to the local “First Fridays” event that was hosted on Main Street.
The idea of the event was simple.  The First Friday of each month, retailers would stay open later, there would be food, and entertainment on Main Street and (hopefully) people would come down and enjoy.  I loved the concept of the event and was involved with helping to plan it.
The woman started to make suggestions about the event.  It went something like this…
“They need to have it earlier in the day.”
“They need to start it sooner in the year.”
“They need to have more food.”
They.  They.  They.  They.
Having just come from a meeting about First Fridays, I stopped her.
“Here’s the thing.  I am a part of “they.”  We are starting a new group called “we.”  You are welcome to be a part of it.”
She had a confused look on her face, so I explained.  “It’s not an exclusive group.  We don’t get paid.  Frankly, we don’t often even get invited!  It’s just a group of people willing to do something.”
The conversation ended there.
That’s how it happens so often.  There is a long list of people willing to bitch, moan and complain about things.  This group does not like how things are and are willing to tell everyone about it.  But when asked to help, they get quiet or disappear.
Don’t be that guy or gal.
If you see something that you are frustrated with in your community, start considering what YOU can do about it.  Sure, it might be calling “the authorities.”  But it might be something you can do on your own.
Are they weeds too high downtown?  You could pull them.
Does one of your neighbors let their grass grow too high?  You could help them mow it.
Is there trash along the side of the road?  You could pick it up.
You may not want to.  You may even be thinking “that’s not my job.”  Maybe not.  But you COULD do it.  So if you could do it, and you don’t do it…it’s a choice.
The same is true for any area of your life.  If you want something to change, you could wait around for someone to change it for you.  Or, you could figure out what needs to change, and take action yourself.
It’s your choice.  Choose wisely.
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A Coshoctonian Night To Remember

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Each year The Coshocton County Chamber of Commerce hosts a celebration of Coshocton County at their Annual Dinner.  The event celebrates Coshocton’s successes from the past year, and it’s leaders.  This past Friday, the event was held at the Lake Park Pavilion in Coshocton County.  I am proud to have been able to be a small part of the event.  Below are some of the amazing recipients…and I have included the entire Coshoctonian Speech, celebrating this year’s Coshoctonian, Chuck Hathaway.

Employee Of the Year:  Each year the Coshocton Rotary selects at least one employee in the county that shows the ability to go “above and beyond” in service to their employer.  This year the recipients were Mike Bechtol from WTNS Radio and Seth Dotson from Coshocton Regional Medical Center.  Congratulations to both recipients.

First Responder of the Year:  The Coshocton County Commissioners sponsor the First Responder of the Year.  This year, the commissioners recognized a first responder that has served Coshocton for over 60 years, Royce Emerson.  Congrats!

Young Leader of the Year:  COTC sponsors the Young Leader of the Year at each Annual Dinner.  The award celebrates a young person in the Coshocton County community that is helping to lead the community to success.  This year, the very worth recipient was the Executive Director of the Coshocton County Port Authority Tiffany Swigert.  At Hasseman Marketing, we have had the chance to work with Tiffany first hand, and we can say, we agree!  Congrats Tiffany!

The Coshoctonian Award:  I am so honored to have the opportunity to prepare and present the Coshoctonian Award.  This lifetime achievement award is given each year and provides the roadmap to what service looks like in our community.  Below, you can find the entire Coshoctonian Speech.

Good evening and thank you all for attending. The Coshoctonian award recognizes an individual’s “long term contribution to the well-being and economic climate of the community.” The recipient must be a resident of Coshocton County. It is not the “Coshoctonian of theYear” award; rather it recognizes the totality of a person’s contribution to our community during his or her lifetime. There have been no posthumous awards.

The members of the selection committee are the Chamber President, the Chamber Past President, the Chamber Executive Director, a representative of the city government (usually the mayor), a representative of the county government (usually the Chairperson of the Commissioners), and a past recipient (usually the previous year’s). After studying the nominations, the committee decides upon a recipient during a meeting in February. Each year’s selection has always been unanimous.

We are indeed honored to have with us this evening some past Coshoctonian Award winners. I will introduce them at this time and ask them to stand. Please do NOT withhold your applause, as each of these distinguished individuals deserves special recognition: Barb Emmons, Sally Bullens, Dr. Robert Gwinn and Kathy Thompson.

The Coshoctonian is one of the most prestigious honors our community recognizes.  The award recognizes the totality of achievements from any one individual, and is, in a sense, a lifetime achievement award for Coshocton’s leaders.  In short, those who have been recognized as Coshoctonian have made a difference in our community.  Coshocton is a different, and better, place because they were (and are) here.

This can certainly be said for this year’s recipient.   The best communities and organizations don’t just happen…they are built.  They are constructed…brick by brick…layer upon layer.  This activity takes action…and people willing to take that action.  These builders are willing to step up, put themselves out there, lend a hand and serve.  In short, communities need builders.  This year’s Coshoctonian is the consummate builder.

This year’s recipient of the Coshoctonian Award is Chuck Hathaway.

Chuck truly is a builder.

And when you begin to think of telling his story, the term builder makes sense, right?

After all, he joined his father’s construction business and started to build up Coshocton County both literally and figuratively.  As a matter of fact, it’s hard to look around our community and NOT see buildings, structures and even parks that don’t have Chuck’s fingerprints all over them.

From the Roscoe Village Visitor Center, to Coshocton Hospital, to the First Step Women’s Shelter to the Coshocton High School planetarium, (and oh so many more), Hathaway Construction has had a hand in shaping the look and feel of Coshocton.  They have helped to build the structures that we see every day.

And those of us that have created companies, know that Chuck did not just build buildings.  When you create a business, you are in charge of building a business, a team, and a culture.  When you own a business, you build a place where team members can grow and thrive.  You create jobs.  You are responsible for livelihoods and families.  You have to build that…over and over and over.

But Chuck’s impact on Coshocton County only begins with Hathaway Construction.  Yes…that is only the beginning.

Chuck Hathaway was a huge builder of the Arts in Coshocton County.  He has been an advocate of the arts for most of his adult life.

Maybe that passion started when he helped on the construction of the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum back in 1979.  Hathaway Construction was owned and operated at the time by his father, but Chuck helped to build that project.  He could have stopped with his service there.  Instead, Chuck continued to serve through donations, being a Friend of Museum, and serving as Vice President and President of their board.

His wife, Paula says he often jokes that he is the only member of their family that does not have a PAYING job at the museum!

And you simply cannot talk about Chuck’s love of the arts without talking about the Footlight Players!  Chuck has been involved in every aspect of the theater…and it started many years ago…almost by accident.

It seems during the production of the Sound of Music, his wife Paula, had a role.  But the production was sorely low on men in the cast.  When Paula told him about the challenge, Chuck volunteered.  He said, that if all they needed him to do was stand in, he could manage that!  Of course, Chuck went to rehearsal only to find he had a prominent speaking role…and his love of the theater began!

Since then, Chuck has been on stage for at least 23 productions!  He has also served off stage in the role of producer, director, assistant director, play reading committee, stagehand and, yes, construction crew.  He has also served as the Footlight Treasurer for the last 28 years!  As his wife Paula says, “The theater is a part of him.”

In addition to the theater, Chuck served the arts through the Pomerene Center for the arts.  Chuck was a board member, volunteer and donor of the organization since the 1990’s.  And, as many of his nominators said, he was always willing to lend his expertise, equipment, and his team to help with a project to get it done.

One amazing example of this comes from the ashes of disaster.  Many of you remember the fire at the Park Hotel site, and the ashes of its remains.  As you may recall, the devastation was so bad, that part of Main Street was shut down.  When Anne Cornell and the Pomerene Center for the Arts worked to renovate that space, who did they call on to help?  Of course, Hathaway construction stepped up to help.

As Anne said, “No one would say accepting this role was a good business decision.  The only way it made sense was in the context of Chuck’s commitment to the community and seeing it progress towards something new.”

In that place, where the smoldering ashes of the Park Hotel once burned, the ArtPark is an example of this year’s Coshoctonian doing what he does best…building.

Chuck is also a builder of Youth in Coshocton County.  In addition to the arts, which obviously serves our youth, Chuck has also been involved for many years with the Muskingum Valley Council, Boy Scouts of America.  He has served as a board member, and he and his wife Paula, established the Charles Hathaway IV Boy Scout Fund at the Coshocton Foundation.  The fund benefits local Boy Scouts by assisting them in achieving their dreams through many scouting adventures.

Chuck has been a builder of business, buildings, youth and arts in the Coshocton County.  But he is also a builder of community.

Chuck has served on countless committees, task forces, and teams with the aim of improving the community.

One simple example of this was the Strategic Economic Development Task Force.  Chuck was a part of a group of concerned citizens that spent a lot of time creating a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (or SWOT) analysis of Coshocton County.  The report was comprehensive and the group took a lot of time to get it right.  And that’s great.

What’s better though, is that Chuck was a part of the ongoing group that helped to coordinate efforts in the community to accomplish nearly all of the goals on that initial list.  Chuck attended each meeting with great energy, an optimistic attitude and an amazing insight into what was being done…and what needed to be done.

To this, I can speak…because I got a chance to sit in on some of those meetings.  Again, Chuck was the consummate builder.

A great story of Chuck’s community involvement came from Lyn Mizer, Executive Director of the Coshocton County United Way.  Chuck served on the budget committee for the United Way and he came to Lyn one day…concerned.

He asked Lyn if she had read the Legal Notice in the Beacon about the housing development hoping to buy the old Pretty Products site.  Lyn’s response?  “No!  Who reads those?”  Of course…Chuck does.  There was concern about what kind of housing that would be built at the site.  With Chuck’s keen eye and encouragement, a large group of concerned citizens showed up at City Council to express their hesitation with this project…and it did NOT happen.  In this case, it’s not about just building…but building things the right way that shows Chuck’s character.

Chuck Hathaway is a builder.  He has helped to build a business, the arts, youth, countless organizations and Coshocton County as a community.

The true measure of the Coshoctonian is that our community is a better place because they were here.  In so many ways, and so many areas, we see that is certainly true when it comes to Chuck Hathaway

Thank you Chuck, for your service to Coshocton County.

Please join me in congratulating Chuck Hathaway as the 2019 Recipient of the Coshoctonian Award.

I am so proud to have been a part of this great evening celebrating the good work of Coshocton’s leaders.  Congrats to all of the recipients!

He Said She Said Podcast Episode 5

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Welcome to the 4th episode of the He Said/She Said Podcast with Hasseman Marketing!  This podcast is designed to give an inside look at projects we are working on and the challenges we are facing!    So listen in and let us know what you think!


On this episode we talk about…

Trending Topics:  This time our “trending topic” has to do with whether or not kids today should go to college!  Is it a sure thing or is it a “hell no?”  Amy and Kirby talk about the idea that we are living in a shifting time when it comes to college.  How do they really feel?  Listen in to find out.

Weekly Whirlwind:  If you have been listening, you know Amy is knee deep in paperwork on the building renovation.  That process continues as we dig into a few details.  Kirby talks a bit about taking the time to “see the people,” and the good and bad that creates.  He also gives us a sneak peak about a new hire that’s coming to Hasseman Marketing soon.

Question from the Audience:  We did not have a question from the audience this week…so help us.  Let us know if you have any questions you want us to answer next week!

Shout Outs:  Each week we want to give a shout out to an organization or an individual doing good work.  Amy gives a great shout out to a young man serving the community and the country (listen for more details)…and Kirby gives a simple shout out to his youngest daughter Jade.  Why?  Maybe because she helped to get better seats at a concert.  Maybe not.  Listen in to find out.

So that’s a wrap!  We will be back…and we will continue to improve.  Any feedback will be welcome as we try to provide you value!  If you want to subscribe you can do that where you normally get podcasts…or you can head here to follow on Soundcloud.

The Best Are Constantly Learning

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I was on the phone with our web designer, Eric Dingler, the other day and I realized something.  Eric just finished a new web design for a client and we were talking about re-designing our own site as well.  He was listening to my ideas on things I wanted to include and making suggestions.   Then he spent some time telling me about website podcasts he listens to, and their advice on the matter.  He excitedly told me about a new “tricks and tips” he could work into our site.  That was when it hit me. The best people to work with are the ones that are constantly learning and honing their craft.

Always.  It never stops.

Then I looked around my office and noticed the same thing with our designer Josh.  He is always looking at design.  Sure, he went to school for design and he has the background and the chops.  But he follows designers, he studies their work, he enjoys the conversation.  He is honing his craft.

The question is…what are you working on?  What do you want to become great at?  If you will or if you won’t can be answered by whether or not you are continually learning or studying your craft. Want to be a fitness expert?  Yes, of course you have to put in the work.  You have to work on your own diet and your own fitness.  But are you reading the latest blogs?  Are you up on the latest workouts?

Want to stand out in Content Marketing?  It’s not just about creating content (though that is super important).  It’s also about studying other masters to see what is working and what is not? Want to lead in sales?  It’s not just about making the sales calls (though that is where it starts).  You need to continually be reading articles, books, and blogs on the topic.  You have to get re-inspired and re-imagined to continue to be the best.

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He Said/She Said Podcast

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kirby amy hasseman Welcome to the very first edition of the He Said/She Said Podcast with Hasseman Marketing!  This podcast is designed to give an inside look at projects we are working on and the challenges we are facing!   We will even take a question from the audience each time!  So listen in and let us know what you think!  On this episode we talk about…

Trending Topics:  This first time we recorded this right after Daylight Savings Time.  Here are our opinions on why we need to pick a time (this one) and stay with it!

Weekly Whirlwind:  Each time we will talk about the projects where we are spending our time.  Amy gives the behind the scenes look at her building project (and what a project it is).  Kirby talks about business at Hasseman Marketing…and why we are hiring.

Struggles:  But entrepreneurship is not always roses!  We talk about a couple of things that are tripping us up! Question from the

Audience:  This time we answer a question we get a lot.  “What is it like to work with your spouse?  How do you make that work?”  Listen to our answers and feel free to give us your secrets to success too!

Oh…and want to send us a question for a future episode?  Email us here.

Shout Outs:  Each week we want to give a shout out to an organization we see doing good work.  This time we talk about a couple organizations in Coshocton County.

We will be looking all over for good things to talk about…so if you have an idea, let us know here. So that’s the first episode!  We will be back…and we will continue to improve.

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