That’s What You Will Find Here!

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that's what you will find here

I love this story I heard a long time ago from Wayne Dyer.  I am relating this from memory, but it goes something like this.

I was walking through my neighborhood this weekend enjoying a nice day, when a couple walked up to me. 

They asked me “What are the people like here?  We are interested in purchasing a home and moving here and we would like to know.”

I said, “Well, that depends.  What are the people like where you live now?:

They replied quickly, “Oh, they are terrible.  They talk about you behind your back.  They are small minded and mean.  They look for any reason to argue.  It’s a struggle.”

“Ah,” I said.  “That’s pretty much what you will find here.”

Then I wished them well and continued on the way on my walk.  Soon, another couple came up to me with the same question.

They asked me “What are the people like here?  We are interested in purchasing a home and moving here and we would like to know.”

I said, “Well, that depends.  What are the people like where you live now?:

This couple replied quickly as well.  “Oh, they are the best!  Everyone looks out for one another!  We have great neighborhood gatherings.  It’s a great community.  Honestly, we hate to leave!”

To that I replied, “That’s pretty much what you will find here.”

I think that story is so powerful.  We all know people that find negativity and frustration everywhere they go.  No matter who they are dealing with, it is a confrontation.  On the other hand, there are probably people in your life that seem impervious to that sort of negativity.  They seem to find the positive in each situation.  They lift others up (both figuratively and literally).  It reminds us that what we are seeing in our life now “that’s pretty much what you will find here.”

What you seek you shall find.

So when you understand that what you are looking for will expand in your life, in the words of Wayne Dyer, “you get really careful about what you are looking for!”

On this day, be intentional about what you seek out.  Look for the best in other people.  Look for the best in your work.  Look for the best in you.

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3 Posts About The Power of Kindness

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I feel confident in saying one thing.  The world could use more kindness.

Kindness has always been important.  But in a world where “everyone has a voice,” we certainly see voices that are unkind more often.  People have an opportunity to spew hate whenever they want.  Combine that with a 24 hour news cycle where (it seems) that the most mean spirited get rewarded with airtime, and it can seem the world is more divided than ever.

In that world, Kindness really is a superpower.  So here are 3 Posts that remind us about the Power of Kindness.

Kindness Is A Super Power

We all want to make an impact.  Most of us want to make the world a better place.  I think that is why we like Super Hero movies.  We love the idea that someone can “save the day.”  It turns out you can.  In this post, written in July of 2018, I talk about how each of us can be a Super Hero.  We just have to be willing to put on the cape!  Read more here.

Simple Acts of Kindness Matter

I often put off doing the “little things” because I don’t think they will matter.  I don’t send that text because the person might be too busy.  In this post, I hope you learn from a simple example.  Simple Acts of Kindness do matter.  Send the card.  Send the text.  Reach out.  Read more here.

What Kind Words Can Do

Finally…from the mouths of babes.  Last year, I got a note that really brightened my day.  Sometimes, when we most need it, a simple message can help us to keep going.  This was certainly the case with this note from a 6 year old named Bailey (and her mom).  Thanks Bailey and Sarah!  You can learn more about that here.

In each of these cases, the cost of entry is small.  We think that if we want to change the world, we need to do something huge.  But you can start today with a simple act.

Hold the door.  Send a note.  Smile.

Spread some kindness today.

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He Said She Said Podcast Episode 20

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It’s time for Episode 20 of the He Said/She Said Podcast with Hasseman Marketing!  This podcast is designed to give an inside look at being married and being entrepreneurs and the projects we are working on and the challenges we are facing!    We talk about business, family, community and more. So listen in and let us know what you think!

On this episode we talk about…

Trending Topic

This week Kirby and Amy talk about talk about the middle of August.  Is it back to school season?  Are we looking forward to the fall?  It’s an interesting time of transition in seasons…and in life.  Listen why here!

Weekly Whirlwind

This week in the Weekly Whirlwind we talk about Kirby being like a “kid at Christmas” when some really cool SWAG comes in.  He is out Delivering #MarketingJoy this week.  Oh…and you have a chance to get a t-shirt…just listen in!  Oh…and you get a quick update from Amy on what is going on with her back and with the building!

Lesson In Life

This week Kirby and Amy talk how they get their day started off on the right foot.  Do they have the same routine?  Do they have a routine at all?  Kirby and Amy discuss how they are similar and different on this topic!

Shout Outs

Each week we want to give a shout out to an organization or an individual doing good work.  This week Amy gives her shout out the Coshocton County United Way.  The campaign kicked off with the Taste of Coshocton event.  Listen in about why she loves what the United Way is all about!  Kirby talks about the upcoming Sunflower Festival and our very own Josh Williams who is going into the Leadership Coshocton program.  Listen in about that now!

So that’s a wrap!  Thanks for listening to Episode 20 of the He Said She Said Podcast!   Any feedback will be welcome as we try to provide you value!  If you want to subscribe you can do that where you normally get podcasts…or you can head here to follow on Soundcloud.

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Progress Takes Pain

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progress takes pain

When scrolling through Facebook the other day, I came across a post that caught me off guard.  Well, to be clear, the post itself did not catch me off guard.  It excited me.  The response to the post, however, really surprised me.  Let me explain.

The post included several pictures of construction being done on several sidewalks coming into the city of Coshocton.  It showed the machines being run, the progress being made and talked about the improvement this would be for the entrance to our town.  To be honest, I was excited.  I saw progress.  (It still has to do with “What you see.”)

The comments, on the other hand, had a completely different tone.

There were complaints about the mess.  Some complained about the noise.  One complained about what time the work was being done.  I was blown away by the level of complaining about the project!  (We all need to complain less…here’s why).

My friends, let me let you in on a little secret.

In every area of your life (and my life) progress takes pain.

Growth takes discomfort.  Improvements are hard and are mostly not convenient.  This is not new.  This a constant rule of life.

  • If you want to grow muscle, you first need to break it down so you can build it back up.
  • Proper home renovation nearly always starts with demolition.
  • Improving your habits takes breaking down old habits to be replaced.
  • And yes, replacing a sidewalk (or a road) begins with taking out the old one so there is room for a new one.

So yes, progress can be frustrating.  It’s slow.  Progress can (and will) be painful.  It takes work.  And whether you are building a community or a book of business, it will take longer than you think.  That is the bad news.  Progress takes pain.

But here’s the good news.

Progress is worth it.

Stop complaining.  Put in the work.  Be a part of the solution.  Keep showing up.

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3 Questions I (Try To) Ask Myself Each Day

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3 Questions I ask myself

As I write this, the sun is not yet up.  The day has begun, if only mentally.

Each morning I find myself looking at a day that I hope to do something productive with.  There are obligations, to-do lists, emails, and thousands of decisions to make.  How can I make this day purposeful?  How can I get the most important things done?  How can I make sure the whirlwind does not spin me completely out of control.

Sometimes it comes down to the questions you ask yourself in the morning.  I have talked about the importance of questions before.  So here are 3 questions I try to ask myself each day.

What am I doing to get smarter?

This has everything to do with what I am putting “in my brain.”  What books am I reading?  What podcasts do I dial up?  We have a choice about whether to just surf social media for click bait, or to intentionally find things that stimulate us and make us better.  The fact is, I struggle with this.  Sometimes I get lost in the mindless banter on Facebook, or start watching videos on YouTube.  But on my best days, i find that I start the day doing something that makes me think.  (Here are 5 podcasts that are inspiring me right now).

What am I doing to get better?

In addition to just “getting smarter” there are plenty of other areas in my life I want to improve.  Am I being intentional about doing something to improve my fitness?  Is there a new skill that I want to learn?  Are there business opportunities I need to be considering?  Maybe I should be looking at a conference or a workshop to attend.  My goal is to look for ways to simply improve to a better version of me.

How can I push out good?

This is a great question at any time of day, but I love to consider this first thing in the morning.  It reframes my mindset.  Instead of (just) thinking about what I want or need, it makes me think of others.  It might be as simple as writing a blog post (that I hope will help others) to making it a point to reach out to someone.  But finding a small way to push out some good into the universe always serves me well the rest of my day.

Obviously this list is not exhaustive.  There are plenty of other questions that rattle around in my brain each day.  These 3, however, help me create a good mental foundation to do good work during the rest of the day.

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Podcasts I Listen To…Right Now

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podcasts I listen to

While I love to read and listen to books, the explosion of podcasts have made it easier to listen to new and interesting voices every day.  This growth in content is not only great for entertainment purposes, it’s also a new way to continue to grow personally and professionally.  And while I listen to many podcasts here and there, the ones I am most committed to are on my phone.  I have subscribed.

This list is occasionally updated, but these are the podcasts I listen to on my phone…right now.

Akimbo by Seth Godin

In the Akimbo podcast, marketing legend and thought leader Seth Godin takes on a topic and digs deep.  He is thoughtful and edited.  I like this one because it is so well researched and thoughtful…like Seth Godin himself.  He takes on everything from our political system to our education system…and everything in between.  Here is just one episode about why you should write a book…and yes it inspired me to write another!

Ed Mylett Max Out

Ed Mylett is every where right now and you can find this content on Youtube and other forms too.  But I love this in a podcast form.  Ed is thoughtful, positive, and inspirational and I think he has become a better interviewer as well.  Sometimes he gives his own take on success and growth, but often he interviews a diverse list of guests including this most recent interview with WWE Superstar Seth Rollins.  

GaryVee Audio Experience

It should come as no surprise that I listen to Gary Vaynerchuk!  I talk about him all of the time!  His podcast can be overwhelming as they post new content every day.  Sometimes it strikes me and sometimes I pass by.  But that’s actually kind of cool to me.  Often I come across something that I needed to hear right then…and it re-ignites me in a powerful way.


In the Promo Industry, you really need to subscribe to PromoCorner!  Yes, it houses the unScripted podcast with Bill Petrie and I (and I give 7 Lessons I have learned from that here).  But in addition the Industry Insider podcast comes out on that channel too.  Good stuff.


The SkuCast podcast is the official podcast of Commonsku.  While this company and this podcast is targeted at the Promo Industry, I don’t think it only provides value there.  If you are a marketer or an entrepreneur (or both) you will likely find interesting takeaways from this one.  I really loved the recent episode about the 5 C’s of Creativity.  Bobby Lehew and Mark Graham spent some time digging into what creativity is and how to define and manifest it.  Loved this one.

So those are the podcasts that are currently on my phone.  What podcasts am I missing?  What is the next great thing I should subscribe to?  Let me know.  Oh…and if you want to listen to He Said She Said (the official podcast of Hasseman Marketing), just check back to our blog page each week.  Amy and I take on a ton of different topics.  Listen in and let us know what you think!

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