The 3 Things I Need To Hear

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As I thought about what I could share in today’s blog, I continually asked myself a simple question.  “During this uneasy time, what does everyone need to read?  What do we need to hear?”  As I sat there thinking about it, I wondered the same for myself.  What do I need to hear?  Though I don’t have a definitive answer, and I don’t have a magic pill to make us all feel better, three things came to mind.  These are the things I long for each day.  I want these three things every day…but certainly now.

I want something to motivate me.

I need something to make me laugh.

I long for something to inspire me.

While we certainly try to create content that hits each of these marks sometimes, my goal today is to do all three!

Motivate Me

motivate me

We find ourselves in a new world where it’s hard to know what to do next.  Sure, we can work from home.  But are we really creating value?  Plus, working in this new normal seems so much harder (for some).  But during this strange and uncomfortable time, we have the ability to be pro-active in ways we might not have been able to do at the office.  Now is a great time to get after it, when your competitors are not.  You can come out of this stronger, if you are willing to get uncomfortable now.

And if that is not enough, how about Rocky Balboa giving a motivational speech?  Here you go!

Make Me Laugh

The good news, I think, is there is plenty on the internet that can make you smile.  The challenge is to find that content while avoiding the negativity.  It can be a daunting challenge to say the least.  (Hence this post).  Even in trying times we can maintain our sense of humor.  As a matter of fact, it’s more important than ever.  With that in mind, feel free to watch this fun video of my daughter trying to teach me a basic “jazz combo” she was teaching her dance students online.  It’s so silly…and that is the point.

Oh…and more silly is coming soon…so feel free to subscribe to the Youtube channel if you like that one!

Inspire Me

Despite the fact that the Coronavirus has been a crazy time, there has been countless stories that inspire me.  The best ones, I think, are the most simple.  After the silliness over toilet paper, I hear plenty of stories of neighbors helping neighbors with groceries, or work around their house.  Most of us have seen social media posts about young people helping seniors with things that needed done.  But the best way to inspire is to act.  Please be on the look out for ways to help in your area.  If you want to feel inspired, today is a great day to DO SOMETHING inspiring.

That might mean you need to help a neighbor.  It might be as simple as sending a note.  Or it might be sharing an inspiring story in the comments.  Let’s help to spread that inspiration today.  We can all use a splash of it!

The goal was to motivate, make you life (or at least smile), and inspire.  I hope you found a little of each in this post.   More importantly, I hope you ARE a little of each this week.

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Why Tracking Your Activity Matters

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tracking your activity

I had an “aha” moment this morning.  Let me explain as I tell on myself a bit here.

Last week I told my team that, since we were in unpredictable times, focusing only on sales was misguided.  Sales goals are important, but they are what The 4 Disciplines of Execution calls a “Lag Goal.”  They are important.  They are great to shoot for.  But they are not something that you control completely.  That is why it is important to create “Lead Goals.”  These are things that, when you do them consistently, LEAD you to your goals.  I talk about this here. 

That is why I told the team last week that we needed to focus on our activity level…not only our sales.  We can control our activity level.  We can decide and execute on it.  We use a software called Commonsku that allows us to track these sales activities easily. So I told everyone that I would report how we were doing on activity this week.  Then, when I logged in this morning to see how I was doing, I noticed something alarming.

According to the activity that I logged, my actual pro-active activity kind of sucked.

How can that be?  I have been working hard all week!  I have created content.  I have been working in my office.  I have had contact with clients, right?  So, I went back through my calendar.  I look back at emails.  I racked my brain for calls and activity that was not logged.  But this tracking showed me something VERY important.  While I felt busy (you know how I feel about that word right?), I was not productive.  I was not nearly as awesome as I felt I was.

And that is why it’s important to track your activity.  It reveals the truth.

Taking the time to track your real activity is not just busy work.  It helps you understand your behavior and it helps to modify it.  It’s the reason, when you start a new diet, they often ask you to track what you are eating.  First, you start to get a real idea of what you are ingesting.  It also makes you think first before putting something in your mouth!  “Do I really want to write that down?”

Tracking your activity gives you the real truth and it helps you focus on things you can actually control.  Oh, and it gives you information that can help you get back on track.  I for one am going to make sure I increase my activity today.  I can’t embarrass myself in front of my team!  But it’s important to note that I would not have known that I needed to modify my behavior unless I tracked it!

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We Can’t Use “Busy” As The Excuse Now

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not too busy

I saw a post on Facebook the other day that made me smile.  It read “After years of wanting to thoroughly clean my house but lacking the time, now I discovered that wasn’t the reason.”  It’s funny because we can all relate.  It’s the idea of something we know we should do, but most of us don’t do.  We might even want to do it, but don’t have the desire or discipline.

During this strange time, many of us are coming face to face with the “busy” excuse.

I have said for years that we are not “too busy” to do the things we want.  For most of us, we simply don’t prioritize what we say we want.  We just don’t make the time to execute.  Busy is just an excuse.  And now, with more time on our hands than we are used to, some of us are finding that out.  But instead of taking advantage of the time, we are taking to social media to complain that we are bored.

For the last several years, busy has been the most over-used word in the English language.  It was the answer to nearly every question in small talk (How are the kids?  Busy!).  But more importantly, it became the excuse for not being able to work on yourself, chase your dreams, or do the things you knew you should do.

And now…busy is not your excuse.

How do you make time to create content?  I am too busy!

I can’t carve out the time to exercise…too busy.

I wish I had time to meditate, learn a language, or read a book.  My life is just too busy.

There is plenty to be anxious about during this new time we are living in.  But the good news, if you choose to look at it this way, is that you have gotten your time back.  You are not “too busy.”  So what will you do with it?  Will you binge watch a new series on Netflix?  Will you spend even more time on social media mindlessly scrolling your life away?

Or will you take the time to work on something that will give you purpose and growth?  It’s your call.  You are not “too busy.”

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One Week of Content In One Place

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content in one place

Each week, we pride ourselves on creating content for our customers, peers and prospects that will entertain and inspire.  Some weeks we have more than others, but we try to be consistent.  But with the crazy changes we have all been forced to make, we have committed to creating more content than ever.  As I put together our weekly email to those on our VIP list (you can sign up for that here), it struck me that it would be good to have this all in one place…on one blog.

So let’s dig into a lot of content this week…with a very short description to help you know where to start.

Why Giving Joy is More Important Than Ever

There is plenty of frustration, anxiety, and fear in the world today. Read this blog and learn why and how to give out Joy instead.

Brand-ecdotes with Jeff Wickerham

This new series about our team is making a lot of people smile! Check out our latest and learn a bit more about Account Executive Jeff Wickerham!

Tips For Working Remote from Remote Workers

And it’s official…many of us are being asked to officially work from home. Here are some tips to working remote from some of our team that actually does it! Read now!

He Said She Said Podcast

This time on the He Said She Said podcast, Kirby and Amy talk about the evolution of the Coronavirus…and their views on it. They talk about what they have been working on…and so much more. Listen in and catch up now.

Delivering Marketing Joy (Video)

It’s time for Delivering Marketing Joy! This time entrepreneur Jason Nokes from PromoPulse flips the script on Kirby and asks hime the questions. They talk about how he creates so much content and what he uses. Watch now if you want to use this time to get more done!

unScripted Podcast Coronavirus Special Edition

We don’t usually share this podcast on this email but felt it could be valuable today. This time on a special edition of unScripted, Kirby and Bill talk about how some companies are dealing with the crisis. There should be value here for any organization. Listen in.

5 Types of Media To Blame

It has become very easy to blame the media for every crisis these days. But what does “the media” mean? It’s not a simple as you think. Here are 5 different types of media to blame.

I Learned A Dance In Quarantine

Want a break from the heavy? Need something to make you smile? We know…you need some Marketing Joy! Then check out this vlog created yesterday…as Kirby learns a dance in quarantine. Watch…enjoy…smile.

Create A Work From Home Kit

If you are a leader of an organization, you might have people working from home now. So how do you keep them connected to the culture? Obviously communication is important. Here are a few more ideas. Create a work from home kit. Check it out here.

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Create A “Work From Home” Kit

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Work from home kit

Working from home is not a new phenomenon for many people around the country.  But with government officials and medical experts telling Americans to stay home, it has a bit of a different feel.  There is a difference (for most of us) that we are allowed to work from home and we have to work from home.  This is why we posted this blog about free tools for working remote AND we asked our remote team for tips on how to be productive at home.  

As a leader in an organization, we want to make sure our team members that work from home not only are able to do their work, but that they still feel very much a part of the team.  We want to keep the sense of team and culture, and do our best to keep moral high during these stressful times.

That is why at Hasseman Marketing, we think you should create a “work from home” kit.  While we can certainly create this as a kit, just understand these are just a few branded pieces that might help to team build a bit during this stressful time.

Webcam Blocker

Nearly every laptop has a web cam now, and it’s critical for online meetings.  On the other hand, it can be a way you can be hacked and spied on.  Give your team some piece of mind with this inexpensive piece.

Mic Blocker

The same concern can be true with our mic.  Want to make sure people are not listening in on your conversations?  You can keep that from happening with this simple branded piece.

Water Tumbler

Help keep the members of your team hydrated and healthy.  This cool drinkware piece is a great size and has the double wall vacuum style that keeps coffee hot and water ice cold.  This is the perfect piece to have with you all of the time.  We did this in our recent Brand Box and the response was super good.

Sticky Note Jotter

Another piece that got a ton of positive feedback in the recent Brand Box was this Jotter.  It’s a great piece to keep beside the phone or your desk so you can take quick notes during that Zoom call.  It’s one of those pieces that can be used every day.

Mission Pack

Finally, if you want something to put all of these items in, and to be a great and functional branding piece, once the crisis has passed, I love the Mission Pack.  This is a stylish backpack that your team can use when they are “working remotely” for years.  I even did a video about this a few weeks ago…you can check it out here.

These are just a few items that can help you keep the team feeling productive and together while they work remotely.  Like I said, this is just a blog to get you thinking.  We can gladly help you create a kit for yourself.   Please contact us if you have any questions about putting a kit like this together for your team.

P.S.  This is also a great kit to use when you bring on new team members to make sure they get a dose of your culture and brand when they walk in the door!

Thanks for reading and engaging.  We will keep the content coming.  Just make sure to check in on our blog each day for more!

Tips For Working Remote (From Remote Workers)

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Tips for working remote

As a country, we seem to be able to disagree about just about everything.  But there is one thing where there seems to be consensus.  We are living in a strange and stressful time!  Thousands of workers are suddenly being asked to work from home.  (We posted this blog with free tools to help here)  And while, for many of us, this is a cool perk, we are not used to working remote every day.  On the other hand, some workers have been doing this very thing for years.  So we decided to get tips for working remote (from remote workers).

At Hasseman Marketing, we have several team members that work remote nearly every day.  So we went straight to the source to get tips on what to do…and what not to do.

Jeff Wickerham

Seven years ago I learned that going from working in an office to working from home was a big change. My biggest tip, give yourself grace in changing your work space. You need to figure out your own schedule and what works best. For me, I learned I could put a load of laundry in washer, work, use then break of the washing machine to switch clothes to the dryer, go back to work, and then use the ding of the dryer to signify another work break for me.

It sounds simple, but in the beginning, I felt bad for taking those breaks. Now, I am comfortable with it and I am able to get work and home life done.

Bree McAndrews

1.) GRACE – Pray your work team and clients give you grace when your little one screams for the third time on the conference call “Mom I have to go potty!”

2.) TECHNOLOGY – important to know what you need to be successful: phone, computer, good internet connection, etc. Flexibility to be mobile like a laptop is good too to change up the work space or visit customers if needed.

3.) STRUCTURE and routine. Kirby always preaches track your activity which brings on more productivity – It also helps with follow ups and keeping all projects on track.

4.) SNACKS – hide them. Out of sight out of mind.

5.) BREAKS – take healthy breaks – 15 minute walk, send a thank you, check in with a family member or friend, let your mind air out for a minute

6.) EXPENSES – if you are allowed expenses, track them weekly/monthly. Tax time is the worst when you don’t keep up all year.

7.) OFFICE – dedicated work space away from screaming toddlers and snacks. Your dog is allowed in.

Eric Dingler

Establish and keep a routine that includes things like; eating and showering.

Bonus tip: establish and keep a “workspace” that you only use for work.

Kelly Bowe

Get up at the same time every morning and start work at the same time every day. (as if you are punching a time clock).

Oh…and couples:  Try to work in different rooms   LOL

Jay Sabine

(There’s going to be distractions!) …so, “Plan the work, Work the plan”

I have a daily updated (to do) list that I keep on my phone, (so it’s always available at my finger tips). I add activities, projects, dates, or just ideas that I want to develop. It helps keep me focused and/or can help me prioritize what is most important when my schedule gets interrupted. I check it every AM, add to it throughout the day, and delete completed task at the end of every day – which is a great reward and gives you a chance to review and plan for the next day.

It’s simple, but it’s what works best for me.

Also, for couples suddenly working from home together: get yourselves an imaginary coworker to blame things on. Trust me!

I think there is a ton of great information here for working remote…whether it’s your first time or even if you are a veteran.  If you want more content like this, check out our blog page here.  Oh, and one of the great books about working remote is by Jason Fried and you can find it here.