The ONE Thing Successful People Have In Common

When you look at people that are successful, it can be easy to become intimidated.  You look at the person you admire and see all the places where they might be exceptional.  And you would be right.  The problem, so many times, is we start to look at the places they are strong and compare them to where we are weak.  It’s just one of the problems with comparing.

But for the most part, it’s hard to pinpoint one thing that makes people successful.  And in trying to nail them down, we tend to focus on things that are not in our control.  Your hero might be:



A talented writer

A gifted dancer



You get the idea.  They have something that seems to allude you.  That is the reason they have succeeded where you have not (yet).  But most of the time that is not the reason at all.  Sure, those are gifts and they might give them a head start.  But if you look at the history of people that have succeeded (long term) in any field, they have one thing in common…and it’s something we all have access to.

Perseverance..  They keep showing up.

People who succeed tend to have perseverance.  It’s not that they have never failed.  Most of the time they have failed plenty.  They just kept going.  They have been frustrated and disappointed, and they showed up anyway.  While their competitors and their peers have looked at the mountain they needed to climb and decided it was just too long and too steep, they kept putting one foot in front of the other.  They were not smarter or more gifted…they just kept going.

This is great news for me and you.  I don’t have to be the smartest person in the room (thank goodness).  I just need to persevere.  And while I can’t control how talented I am, I can keep working my craft…and so can you.

Keep putting one foot in front of the other…for a long time.  And when you look back, you will be proud of how far you have come.

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How Do I Market My Business in 2020?

So here we are in 2020.  A lot has been made about the “unprecedented times” we are living.  But here we are.  As I have said before, we need to stop talking about things getting “back to normal.”  The reality is, we don’t know when that might happen.  We do need to take an honest look at where we are…and start working to succeed from here.

We need businesses to get rolling again.  I mean, we NEED it.  But you might be asking  “how do I market our business in 2020?”  Times have changed.  People have changed.  We need to consider that as we tell our organizations’s story today.  So here are some things I see working (right now) to market your business in the world we live in.

Direct Mail

In a world where people are less likely to leave their home, direct mail has become more effective.  Yes, it’s a bit old school, but it’s a low cost way to reach the masses right where they are.  And if you can create a creative, valuable offer, you have a real chance to stand out in a mailbox full of bills.


One of my favorite things that Joe Pulizzi says is that we are very comfortable ( as marketers) with “rented lists.”  The radio, tv station or Facebook owns the list…and we just rent access.  But a real, vetted email list of people who have subscribed to what you have to say is a list that you own.  You get to decide when you send it, what they see, and who gets to see it.  You have to provide value, or that audience can opt out.  But there is real power in owning the list.  And I am not sure how long it will last, but email open rates have actually gone up during this pandemic.  Give value through your email list and you can make an impact in 2020.

Postive Content on Social

In this 2020 world of arguing politics, racial divides, mean spirited debates and complaining, your organization has a chance to stand out.  Just create content that is nice!  Regardless of the content platform, most of us are starved for something that provides us joy and inspiration.  If you and your organization can show up like that (consistently), you have the chance to gain a real audience and a real following.

Branded Merchandise Kits

You don’t need me to tell you, but the traditional way we see our customers and employees has changed right now.  Many events have been cancelled.  Trade shows have been put on hold.  Heck, even the idea of going to work has shifted (it’s hard to believe March was only like 4 months ago).  With that in mind, Branded Merchandise kits can be an EXTREMELY powerful tool to reach your target audience.  When done right, branded merchandise kits can improve brand affinity, affect behavior, help company culture, and yes, get people to pick up the phone.  I talk about one of my clients using branded merch to replace an event they were holding here.  If you have your team working from home, there is a kit for that.  What if your team is coming back to work?  You can create kit to (safely) welcome them back.  What about creating an online conference and mailing attendees some cool swag to get them fired up?  The possibilities are limitless.

Online Learning

I have been a believer is providing value first in marketing for a long time.  Heck, I wrote a whole book about it!  Well 2020 is a great time to do just that.  Create online learning to provide value to your clients.  Our friends at Commonsku created an amazing online conference to do that for their clients and over 800 people attended.  It was awesome.  That is the inspiration for us creating Hasseman U.  We also spent some time creating a FREE 5 Day Marketing Course for anyone that wants to take it.  The idea is to provide value for your clients in a new way.  When you do that during this time, you have the chance to build real trust with customers and prospects, and come out stronger on the other side.

Those are just 5 ways that I see companies successfully marketing in 2020.  I hope this gets your wheels turning!  While these are not necessarily prescriptive for your business, what I will say is, now is not the time for business as usual.  It’s a great time to really consider how you want to tell your story moving forward.

Good luck!

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Top Marketing Posts For 2020 (so far)

It’s hard to believe it, but we are almost halfway through 2020.  Depending on you are feeling this morning, you might be thinking “I can’t believe we made it this far!”  Or you could be thinking “Oh my God this is only half over?”  Regardless of what camp you sit in, here we are near the end of June.  So I thought it might be good to look back at some of the top marketing posts we have written so far this year.  This is your chance to make sure you are caught up…and ready to take part in the second half of 2020 (may God help us all)!

Products You Need To Re-Open Your Business:  While you may or may not already be open, this post is worth a look.  Check back and make sure you are doing all you need to keep your employees and customers safe.  We all want to get business back on track, but a recent surge in Covid-19 cases reminds us we need to do it the right way.  Read this now.

Replacing Events with Branded Merchandise:  This is one of my favorites.  Why?  Because while we all want to get “back to normal,” I think that in many ways, that is not happening anytime soon.  We need to start living in the now (like I talk about in this post) and working to create marketing that works today.  This blog talks about a different way to go to market…and one we should all be considering now.

The Real Reason Masks Matter:  There is some sort of political divide over masks that I really don’t understand.  But this post explains the real reason you and your business should care about them.  It’s called “commerce.”  Read more here.

What Message Are You Sending:  While we should always be thinking about what message we are sending to clients, it’s really important right now.  It’s also a great time to really look.  Customers are more open to change than ever.  Take a look and honestly ask “what message are we sending?”

Creating A Work From Home Kit:  More and more employees are going to be working from home.  That’s fine and dandy, but how do you continue to create a work culture that matters?  One way is to create a kit that makes your team feel valued.  Here is a post to get your wheels turning.  We can help creating a custom kit just for your team.

These are a few of the top marketing  posts we have written so far in 2020.  Now that you are caught up, it might be a great time to consider jumping in on Hasseman U.  Learn more about that program and how to sign up here.

3 Ways To Become a Beacon Of Joy

It’s becoming a bit overwhelming, isn’t it?  Studies have said that 89% of what you see in the world is negative, and right now that seems really low.  Between COVID-19, Racial injustice, arguments online, and an Election Year, the level of negativity is off the charts.  As a culture, we seem to be drowning in it.  It makes giving out joy even more important than ever before.

Why Joy Is More Important Than Ever

In my book “The Give First Economy” I pointed out that the strategy of giving out joy was solid because it helped you stand out.  If nearly 90% of what you (and your customers) see in the world is negative, then you can stand out by pushing out good vibes.  This is still a powerful marketing strategy, in my opinion.  In today’s world, however, it’s not enough.  There is just so much heaviness, and anxiety, and worry, and hate surrounding us, pushing out joy can become more than that.

3 ways to become a Beacon of Joy.

Much like sailors lost in a rough sea, many of our friends and customers are struggling.  They are fighting to keep their lives and their mental health on track.  It can seem overwhelming.  We need something to help keep us on track.  We can act as that lighthouse in the storm for the people in our life.  Here are 3 ways to be that Beacon of Joy for others.

Seek Out Joy

As I mentioned, our culture is drowning in the negative.  While there are still stories of hope, you have be intentional to look for them.  Make it a habit to look for joyful messages to start your day.  Meditate on things you are grateful for.  Spend time each day actively looking for the good in your life.  The fact is, you will not be able to push out anything joyful if your brain is full of anger.  You need to take care of yourself first.  Spend some time each day to find something that brings you joy in the world.  It’s there.  But sometimes, you really do have to seek out joy.

Point Out Joy

When you see something, say something!  There are people in every community doing good.  Unfortunately, these people are often not lauded for their efforts.  Be one of the people that shines a light on those joyful souls.  Spend a moment (and sometimes that is all it takes) to say “thank you” to those that are working to create joy.  In addition, be their cheerleader.  Point out the good they are doing…even when it has nothing to do with you.  Help them spread their message of good by pointing out the joy you see in the world.

Give Out Joy

If the world needs to see more joy, it’s time for you to be the light.  Each of us has the opportunity to be a reason someone smiles today.  Most, unfortunately, are not willing to do the work.  You can be the beacon by looking for ways to breathe joy into people’s lives.  You might do this be simply being kind.  Or you might create videos or a podcast that meets people where they are.  Despited the challenges facing the world today, there are so many tools that allow us to push out our message…if we choose to do it.

Today…choose to do it.  Be a beacon of joy today.  The world needs it.

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Invite Your Client To Coffee

Different times call for different solutions.  We are in a different place than we were 12 months ago.  So NOW THAT WE ARE HERE (I wrote about that here), what do we do?  How do we find ways to go to our clients now?  It might be time to invite your client to coffee.

Coffee with Clients

For those of us in sales (and we are all in sales), we need to create new ways to connect with our customers.  That bad news is, it has become harder to physically get in the room with them.  Some companies are banning travel, while others will not let anyone in the door!  The good news is, many people are starved for human contact.  So they might be more open to creative solutions in order to connect.  Why not invite them for coffee?

The idea is pretty simple.  Select your favorite mug or tumbler for coffee or tea.  Send them a package with the mug, a K-Cup, and a note inviting them to join you for coffee over Zoom.  You can each have a cup of coffee and re-connect while chatting about upcoming business needs for the rest of the year.  Either way, you have created a powerful branding “touch” while showing your customers and prospects you can think creatively in the world we are in.

As a side note, make sure the coffee mug is worth keeping.

Everyone has coffee mugs.  But if you give them one that is really cool, they will want to use your coffee mug instead.  As we always say, the cost of an item is not determined at the time of purchase.  The cost is decided at the time of use-age.  We used this mug for this idea.  I think they are functional and elegant.

Of course you could invite your client without the tumbler.  But by adding this simple item, you will increase your response rate 10 fold.  And you add a long term branding opportunity as well.  Good luck…now go invite your clients to coffee!

As I said, we need to think creatively during this time.  Using Branded Merchandise like this can be a powerful way to increase your effectiveness.  If you want to dig deeper, check out this blog about how to Replace your cancelled events (anyone have one of those?) using branded merchandise.

If you want help creating a targeted campaign that will get results…please let us know!  We would love to help!

A Lesson From A Day of Sprint Calls

Nearly everyone has heard the saying “People buy from people they like, know and trust.”  It’s often repeated because it’s true.  But in the chase for sales and profit, even the best of us can lose sight of that.  It’s ironic really.  As we take our eyes off the ball of being human to chase the profit, we often lose both.

That being said, sales are still important.  And during these strange days, we need to think creatively to still go to market.  I have talked about that here before.  That is why we have created this 5 Day Marketing Course.  It’s free and you can sign up here.  We have also created a Weekly series called Hasseman U where we give our customers access to our best suppliers.  You can learn more about that (and sign up) here.

Thinking creatively about going to market is what led us to do a day of “Sprint Calls” too.

Everyone at Hasseman Marketing got on the phone to call and check in with our clients.  We spent 2 hours last Wednesday calling as many customers as we could.  And while anyone in business is always interested in sales, we took a bit of a different approach.  It was more of a mental health check-up.

We asked  a simple question “How are you holding up?”

And many of us were pleasantly surprised by the results.  You see, it turned out this was not a sales call.  This was a human check in.  It (hopefully) showed we cared.  Most of the time, as a salesperson, you can feel like you are interrupting, or a bother.  This did not feel like that at all.  As a matter of fact, many times we were on the phone for quite some time!

People are hungry right now for real human interaction.  Yes, we have Zoom meetings.  But how often do you dig below to the surface to really check in?  I know I am guilty of just checking off the box so I can get to the next thing on my To Do List.  But last week showed me that I need to take more time to be human.

I saw a shirt last week that stopped me.  It’s said HUMAN*Kind.  Be Both.  Let’s take that into business this week.  We might be able to do some good…and make some profit too.

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