Brand-ecdotes: Josh Williams

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At Hasseman Marketing, we are proud of the team that helps us “Deliver Marketing Joy” each and every day.  So we wanted to introduce you to some of our peeps with our series we call “Brand-ecdotes.”  Today we get to meet Josh Williams.

brand-ecdotes josh williams

What is something fun that not everyone knows about you?

Among the various creative things I enjoy doing, one of my favorite things to do is cook. I really enjoy spending an hour or two in the kitchen, prepping thing spices and herbs, making rubs, seasoning vegetables, and other things. When I cook, I try to go as close to whole ingredients as possible, including making my own pasta and sauces. It’s something I don’t do very often, because I get into a zone, and it makes making family dinners a little difficult, because my perfectionism makes me not want to settle for something simple and quick.

What is your all-time favorite Promotional Product and why?

josh williams

I would say my all time favorite are the super soft T-shirt Tycoon shirts with the butter wash finishing. They are incredibly soft, and as someone who has always aspired to make elaborate t-shirt designs, it makes the idea that much more attainable to the masses, because no matter how intricate you get, you don’t fall into the trap of multiple colors of thick plastisol ink making the shits uncomfortable, or nearly unwearable.

What is the current product you use all the time?

My Popsocket. I got one made with my art on it, and it’s the most useful tool I’ve ever had. It’s really versatile, and it makes my phone easier to handle. It also lets me personalize while leaving most of the actual phone uncovered.

What is a company or brand that you admire and why?

I may be biased because It’s run by one of my best friends, but I have a lot of admiration for Rusty Waters Apparel, a rust belt themed clothing company from the Youngstown area. The owner, Kate Butler, has put a ton of work and hustle into the brand, garnering her a lot of attention, regionally and nationally, and has put a lot of herself into it. The shirts are creative nods to the cultures of Pittsburgh, Youngstown, and Cleveland, and the general Rust Belt area as a whole. They’ve also begun to branch out into just creative and interesting designs that don’t necessarily have to do with the region. A very inspirational company.

What is your favorite part of “Delivering Marketing Joy?”

One of my passions in life is seeing people really embrace and fulfill what they feel like they are here to do, some would call it their calling. The part I love of Delivering Marketing Joy is the moments when we have the opportunity to hand a package of promo, or more in my case, deliver a campaign, marketing strategy, brand, or video, that lets someone who’s struggling with the idea of pursuing their passions as a business see, perhaps for the first time, that what they’re doing is real, and legitimate. Helping people pursue what they love and helping them find success there is what bring me the most joy, especially when I can use my passions to help them get there.
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What Is Vector Art?

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There is often confusion around Art files and what types we can accept.  Terms like Vector Art, Camera Ready, etc… get thrown around.  Most people, unless they are graphic artists, do not understand the differences. So, what is vector art and why does your logo or artwork need to be vector?  Let’s answer that question now!

Vector art is created using vector illustration software programs, such as Adobe Illustrator, Freehand, and Corel Draw, among others.  The art created with these programs can be blown up in size infinitely without any loss of quality.  (Think of zooming into a picture and it becomes blurry.) vector versus raster art

Raster Graphics, such as photographs, and graphics files created in Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, and other Raster editing programs, in most cases cannot be used.  Notice how in the example picture that the edges of the art become blurry rigid and not smooth?  With Vector Art you can blow up the image to any size with no loss of quality.

How Can I tell if what I have is Vector Art?

Vector art is usually created in Adobe Illustrator, and is commonly saved as a particular file type: .ai.   Vector art can be saved in other file formats (such as .eps, .svg, or .pdf). But, it is important to remember that just because a file is saved in one of these formats, does not mean that it is truly vector art. Only art originally created in a vector editing program, such as Adobe Illustrator, is truly vector art. Also, you can identify vector art by process of elimination. There are some file formats that can only be Raster art, and therefore cannot be Vector art. The most common examples are .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .gif, .psd, .tif. These files cannot be vector art.

Art Charges

There are art charges that are incurred on some orders if Vector art is not able to be provided.  In this case, we must either take the time internally to re-create your art, or send the provided art off to an outside designer that can re-create your artwork in a Vector-based program.  If you see an art charge on your bill, this is most likely what has happened.There are also art charges, sometimes, for layouts and formatting even if you already have the vector file.  For Example:  If you have your logo in Vector format but you want to add specific text under it for a promotion.  The text needs to be added in a Vector Based Program and sized appropriately for the item that it will be imprinted on.  This might incur an art charge too.

Ask your Designer

Keep in mind that if a professional design created your art for you, chances are they may have your artwork saved as vector art, even if they have not sent that file to you. Some designers do not provide their clients with vector art, as they assume that the client will not be able to open the file. So, if you had a professional logo designed for you, but all you have is a JPEG, or something similar, contact your artist, and ask them for vector art.

Our hope is, this will helps shine a light on what Vector Art is, and why you need it!  Please reach out to if you have additional questions.  If you want more ideas on art, marketing, promotions and content creation, make sure you check out our blog page here.    Oh…and if you want to get valuable content delivered to your email once a week…sign up to become a VIP here.