He Said She Said Podcast Episode 6

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Welcome to the 6th episode of the He Said/She Said Podcast with Hasseman Marketing!  This podcast is designed to give an inside look at projects we are working on and the challenges we are facing!    So listen in and let us know what you think!

On this episode we talk about…

Trending Topic

This time our “trending topic” is unplugging from technology.  This is something many of us struggle with.  Kirby and Amy talk about his struggle with going on vacation recently without his laptop.  It was harder than he thought!  Amy talks about what she does when she is bored.  Feel free to weigh in with your thoughts!

Weekly Whirlwind

If you have been listening, you know Amy is knee deep in paperwork on the building renovation.  We spend a short time on that recap, and Kirby talks about the launch of the new website (yes this one).

Lesson In Life

With the idea of trying to drive value, Kirby and Amy give out some life lessons.  This time they each talk about lessons that they received early in life that they still lean on today.  Amy talks about “giving to others” and Kirby reminds you to “see the people.”  Want a little more?  Listen in!

Shout Outs

Each week we want to give a shout out to an organization or an individual doing good work.  This time on the podcast, they talk about the recent Clean up Coshocton day and the local Coshocton County United Way and the City of Coshocton…who organize that.

So that’s a wrap!  We will be back…and we will continue to improve.  Any feedback will be welcome as we try to provide you value!  If you want to subscribe you can do that where you normally get podcasts…or you can head here to follow on Soundcloud.

Thanks so much for listening!  If you have any topics you want Kirby and Amy to cover, please comment and let us know!  Oh…and if you like this content, check out this page where you can find all of the content we create!  

The Cold Dark Morning

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It was a cold, dark morning.

This morning, when I heard the puppy whimpering, it was early and it was dark.  It was about 10 minutes before the alarm was set to go off, so I turned the alarm off and walked out to let the dog outside.  I wiped the sleep from my eyes as I tried to attach the leash to Fin’s collar.  I would just let him out, but he cannot be trusted.  So I hooked him up and walked outside…and wow!

It was cold!

The cold burst of air hit me and I realized I should have put on more than a t-shirt.  Then as I stepped off the porch and felt the cold, wet drops on my neck.  It was more snow than rain, but either way, it woke me up in a hurry.  I was cold.  I had no coffee.  I was getting wet and standing in the dark.  Ah…the glory of owning a puppy!

That’s not what you think of when you make the decision to get a dog is it?  You think of taking walks with your new buddy.  You envision cuddling up and taking naps together!  And don’t forget playing catch.  It will be SO much fun!  And here’s the thing, you do have those moments.  But they are not the ONLY moments.  You have to do the cold, wet mornings in the dark too.

Building a Business Is The Same

The same is true for for building a sales career or a business.  We often spend a lot of time envisioning how great it’s going to be.  We think about the freedom.  We consider being our own boss.  We run the numbers and think about the big money you are going to make!  But we don’t always consider the after hours work.   We don’t think about the stress or the number of people that are depending on you.  We don’t always think through what happens when the numbers don’t look good.

In those moments, it can feel like you are alone, in the dark with a cold rain on your neck. It’s not always as glorious as people make it out on the internet.  Being an entrepreneur can be hard and lonely.

But there’s good news within this dark cloud.

There is Good AND Bad

I am not working to be a downer.  In everything there is good and bad.  It’s just better to understand that.  It’s important to know that there will be times that are tough in any endeavor…and that’s okay!  Don’t get down that there are tough times.  Just know that better times will come if you keep after it.  Which leads nicely into…

Most People Are Not Willing To Deal With The Bad

The fact of the matter is, most people want the puppy but not all of the headaches that come with it.  The same is true with building a business.  They see the outer success and would love that.  But most people are not willing to do what it takes.  They are not willing to put themselves out there.  So if you are, you are 100% ahead of the game.

Accept that there will be tough times.  When you do, they don’t surprise and overwhelm you.  Then you have the energy to put in the work that others are not willing to do.

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Start Treating Social Like a Cocktail Party

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I have heard Twitter called the Cocktail Party of social media.  Though I think that has merit, I don’t think it takes it far enough.  I think Social Media is the new Cocktail Party.   “Ok,” you might be thinking.  “Why does that matter?”

It matters, because I think it really does give us a roadmap for how to behave online.  The more I have the chance to speak to groups and organizations around the country on the topic, the more I am convinced.  We hear all of the time that social media is different.  It’s making people act differently.  And, certainly, in some cases that is the truth.

There are the “keyboard activists” that you hear about all of the time.  There are trolls.  But those people are around us every day…not just online. My contention is social media is VERY much like the three-dimensional world.  We try to make it different.  But if we treat social media just like real life, we would be better off!  Here are a few similarities I see between social media and a cocktail party.

Don’t Lead with Politics:  If you just moved into a new neighborhood, and you were invited to a cookout, you would probably not introduce yourself to your new neighbors with political vitriol.  You might not like the current President (or the last one), but you probably would not LEAD with that.  And even if you did, you would not continue to say it all night long.  We all know that person that posts 8 times per day about his or her political rants.  I guess you might do this, but you would not be invited back.

Less Mean…More Good:  If you (and the rest of social media) communicated as if they might see people later that day, we would all get more civil.  Here’s the thing, we might still have the same opinions, but we would say them differently.  What your mom told you years ago is still right.  “It’s not what you say, but how you say it.”

Don’t Sell ALL of the Time:  I am looking at you businesses and salespeople!  You would never walk up to every person at a cocktail party and try to sell them your product without knowing anything about them!  Sure, you might want to sell to them…but not at hello!  But businesses do this all of the time!  You go to their pages and all it says is “Buy from me.  Buy from me.  Buy from me.”  Just like it real life, people are saying “I have to go over here” to get away from you.

Make People Laugh:  People who are fun to follow online are very much like people you want to hang out with in real life.  They make you laugh.  They make you feel good about you.  They inspire you.  In a world where everyone seems to be all about snark and cynicism, make people smile.  That transcends any platform. So if you (and your team) want to be better on social, stop treating it differently.  Start treating it just like your next networking event.  You might be surprised with your results.

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Compassion is NOT A Feeling

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hasseman marketing love

There is a powerful story from 7 Habits of Highly Effective People where Steven Covey was speaking to a group.  After the talk, a man came up to Mr. Covey and said “My wife and I are close to a divorce.  We just don’t love each other anymore.  What should I do?”

Covey told the man, “You need to LOVE her.”

The man was confused.  “But you don’t understand,” he said.  “We just don’t FEEL that way anymore.”

Covey explained, “That’s the problem.  Love is not a feeling.  Love is an action.” Covey went onto explain that the husband needed to get back to taking action in consistent with love.  He needed to do things for her.  He needed to serve her.  He needed to LOVE her.  It’s an action.

I was reminded about this at a church service recently when our pastor declared that “Compassion is NOT a feeling.  It’s an action!” I agree.  Way too many times in life, we feel things and hope that is enough.  It almost never is.  It is imperative, in nearly every area of our lives, to take more action. The thing that is holding most people back in their work, dreams, relationships, fitness and more…is action.  Most of us dream about what we want.  We think a lot about what others have that we don’t.  We might even take the extra step and write down the sincere wishes we have in our life.  Heck, we might even meditate or pray in hopes the universe will bring them to us!

What we don’t do is take action.

And if we are not seeing enough change, we are not taking enough action.

So if you want your spouse to know that you love them…LOVE them. If you want your team to know you have compassion for them…SHOW them. If you want your community to know you care about it…GIVE something. It’s not about thoughts.  It’s not about dreams.  It’s about action.   Take some.

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