0With Hasseman Marketing, you can take your career to the next level.

Audiences are evolving at an ever-increasing pace.

Attention spans are shorter and more difficult to hold. 

Breaking through the din of marketing noise to reach your market is laborious at best, and impossible at worst.

You have the knowledge, the drive, and the expertise to sell promotional products – but you’re missing something. You’re missing a partner that not only has decades of promotional products experience, but also offers a complete suite of complimentary products that truly enables you to be a solver of marketing problems. 

Now – TODAY – is the time to look at your current situation and ask yourself some tough questions that require honest answer. Are you able to:

  • Tell your clients that you are part of a true integrated marketing firm?
  • Present ideas that engage your clients at every facet of their business?
  • Generate daily content marketing that engages your audience?
  • Say your organization supports and rewards your efforts?
  • State without any hesitation that your partner can deliver a fully immersed marketing experience?
  • Achieve the highest level of professional and financial success to which you aspire?
  • Maintain autonomy while having the full backing of a recognized industry leader?

At Hasseman Marketing, we empower all our associates with all of the above….and then some. So, if you’ve even hesitated to answer yes to any of these questions, you owe it to yourself to have a confidential phone call with the owner of Hasseman Marketing, Kirby Hasseman. Kirby encourages you to come armed and ready to ask tough questions and he commits to giving you honest answers. Kirby can be reached via the following methods: 

Email Kirby directly here.

Or, give us a call here: 740.622.7429

Careers are made with bold moves.


Bold moves are made by taking the first initial step.


The first step to enhancing your sales career is Hasseman Marketing.



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