Tariffs Are Here. What Does That Mean to YOU?

One of the most talked about topics in the last few months in the promotional products world has been Tariffs.  It's been talked about because it can and WILL affect your marketing. Our goal at Hasseman Marketing is to keep you up to date with what you need to...

He Said She Said Podcast: Episode 9

It’s time for the 8th episode of the He Said/She Said Podcast with Hasseman Marketing!  This podcast is designed to give an inside look at being married and being entrepreneurs and the projects we are working on and the challenges we are facing!    We talk about...

When Its Time To Purge

It happens to everyone at some point.  Well, I can certainly say it happens to me. Our work life gets more and more hectic.  We have travel commitments.  We have meetings.  We have projects.  Then one day we walk into our office (or work space) and it looks like a...

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