Brand-ecdotes: Jay Sabine

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At Hasseman Marketing, we are proud of the team that helps us “Deliver Marketing Joy” each and every day.  So we wanted to introduce you to some of our peeps with our series we call “Brand-ecdotes.”  Today we get to meet Jay Sabine.

jay sabine and family

What is something fun that not everyone knows about you?

There’s always music playing in my life!   In the background at home, or blasting from the speakers in the car (with the windows down of course), through headsets as I work in the yard, or my favorite – sitting around a fire with my family having “dance offs” and seeing who can “sing” the next lyric. I was lucky enough to be raised on the classics, so I am doing my best to continue that and share my love for a “great song” with my boys – as often as possible.

What is your all-time favorite Promotional Product and why?

Simple answer: the one that works best for the client’s agenda. My responsibility is to try to learn as much as possible about their campaign and then provide suggestions & ideas for them. Most clients already know what they’re looking for (hopefully),but more importantly they’re searching for a trusted partner to provide reliable products within their budget. Each opportunity generates it’s own list of best product solutions.

What is the current product you use all the time?

I’m a big Lip Balm & Hand Sanitizer guy!  I usually have both either in my car, house, bag or with me in my pockets. (I cannot go without lip balm – it just doesn’t feel right.) For promotional use: I think both are great trade show hand outs and sales call leave behind items. With custom label options you can create seasonal campaigns to keep your current message top of mind and mix up your rotation of products – leading to more impressions at an extremely competitive cost.

What is a company or brand that you admire and why?

Michael Jordan… Mars Blackmon… late 80’s/early 90’s… Black & White media… “It’s Gotta Be The Shoes!” The launch of Nike Air Jordan! It forever changed sports, clothing, marketing, etc.… and still competes today with brands born from this campaign.

What is your favorite part of “Delivering Marketing Joy?”

The evolution of the partnership. I appreciate the client that values promotional products, but hasn’t yet utilized all the benefits in their marketing strategies. Working in support of them, providing answers, taking one burden off their plate and delivering results to meet the expectations. The success of the collaboration isn’t judged until the next opportunity or re-order is presented and the cycle begins again.

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The 3 Things I Need To Hear

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As I thought about what I could share in today’s blog, I continually asked myself a simple question.  “During this uneasy time, what does everyone need to read?  What do we need to hear?”  As I sat there thinking about it, I wondered the same for myself.  What do I need to hear?  Though I don’t have a definitive answer, and I don’t have a magic pill to make us all feel better, three things came to mind.  These are the things I long for each day.  I want these three things every day…but certainly now.

I want something to motivate me.

I need something to make me laugh.

I long for something to inspire me.

While we certainly try to create content that hits each of these marks sometimes, my goal today is to do all three!

Motivate Me

motivate me

We find ourselves in a new world where it’s hard to know what to do next.  Sure, we can work from home.  But are we really creating value?  Plus, working in this new normal seems so much harder (for some).  But during this strange and uncomfortable time, we have the ability to be pro-active in ways we might not have been able to do at the office.  Now is a great time to get after it, when your competitors are not.  You can come out of this stronger, if you are willing to get uncomfortable now.

And if that is not enough, how about Rocky Balboa giving a motivational speech?  Here you go!

Make Me Laugh

The good news, I think, is there is plenty on the internet that can make you smile.  The challenge is to find that content while avoiding the negativity.  It can be a daunting challenge to say the least.  (Hence this post).  Even in trying times we can maintain our sense of humor.  As a matter of fact, it’s more important than ever.  With that in mind, feel free to watch this fun video of my daughter trying to teach me a basic “jazz combo” she was teaching her dance students online.  It’s so silly…and that is the point.

Oh…and more silly is coming soon…so feel free to subscribe to the Youtube channel if you like that one!

Inspire Me

Despite the fact that the Coronavirus has been a crazy time, there has been countless stories that inspire me.  The best ones, I think, are the most simple.  After the silliness over toilet paper, I hear plenty of stories of neighbors helping neighbors with groceries, or work around their house.  Most of us have seen social media posts about young people helping seniors with things that needed done.  But the best way to inspire is to act.  Please be on the look out for ways to help in your area.  If you want to feel inspired, today is a great day to DO SOMETHING inspiring.

That might mean you need to help a neighbor.  It might be as simple as sending a note.  Or it might be sharing an inspiring story in the comments.  Let’s help to spread that inspiration today.  We can all use a splash of it!

The goal was to motivate, make you life (or at least smile), and inspire.  I hope you found a little of each in this post.   More importantly, I hope you ARE a little of each this week.

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Why Tracking Your Activity Matters

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tracking your activity

I had an “aha” moment this morning.  Let me explain as I tell on myself a bit here.

Last week I told my team that, since we were in unpredictable times, focusing only on sales was misguided.  Sales goals are important, but they are what The 4 Disciplines of Execution calls a “Lag Goal.”  They are important.  They are great to shoot for.  But they are not something that you control completely.  That is why it is important to create “Lead Goals.”  These are things that, when you do them consistently, LEAD you to your goals.  I talk about this here. 

That is why I told the team last week that we needed to focus on our activity level…not only our sales.  We can control our activity level.  We can decide and execute on it.  We use a software called Commonsku that allows us to track these sales activities easily. So I told everyone that I would report how we were doing on activity this week.  Then, when I logged in this morning to see how I was doing, I noticed something alarming.

According to the activity that I logged, my actual pro-active activity kind of sucked.

How can that be?  I have been working hard all week!  I have created content.  I have been working in my office.  I have had contact with clients, right?  So, I went back through my calendar.  I look back at emails.  I racked my brain for calls and activity that was not logged.  But this tracking showed me something VERY important.  While I felt busy (you know how I feel about that word right?), I was not productive.  I was not nearly as awesome as I felt I was.

And that is why it’s important to track your activity.  It reveals the truth.

Taking the time to track your real activity is not just busy work.  It helps you understand your behavior and it helps to modify it.  It’s the reason, when you start a new diet, they often ask you to track what you are eating.  First, you start to get a real idea of what you are ingesting.  It also makes you think first before putting something in your mouth!  “Do I really want to write that down?”

Tracking your activity gives you the real truth and it helps you focus on things you can actually control.  Oh, and it gives you information that can help you get back on track.  I for one am going to make sure I increase my activity today.  I can’t embarrass myself in front of my team!  But it’s important to note that I would not have known that I needed to modify my behavior unless I tracked it!

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We Can’t Use “Busy” As The Excuse Now

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not too busy

I saw a post on Facebook the other day that made me smile.  It read “After years of wanting to thoroughly clean my house but lacking the time, now I discovered that wasn’t the reason.”  It’s funny because we can all relate.  It’s the idea of something we know we should do, but most of us don’t do.  We might even want to do it, but don’t have the desire or discipline.

During this strange time, many of us are coming face to face with the “busy” excuse.

I have said for years that we are not “too busy” to do the things we want.  For most of us, we simply don’t prioritize what we say we want.  We just don’t make the time to execute.  Busy is just an excuse.  And now, with more time on our hands than we are used to, some of us are finding that out.  But instead of taking advantage of the time, we are taking to social media to complain that we are bored.

For the last several years, busy has been the most over-used word in the English language.  It was the answer to nearly every question in small talk (How are the kids?  Busy!).  But more importantly, it became the excuse for not being able to work on yourself, chase your dreams, or do the things you knew you should do.

And now…busy is not your excuse.

How do you make time to create content?  I am too busy!

I can’t carve out the time to exercise…too busy.

I wish I had time to meditate, learn a language, or read a book.  My life is just too busy.

There is plenty to be anxious about during this new time we are living in.  But the good news, if you choose to look at it this way, is that you have gotten your time back.  You are not “too busy.”  So what will you do with it?  Will you binge watch a new series on Netflix?  Will you spend even more time on social media mindlessly scrolling your life away?

Or will you take the time to work on something that will give you purpose and growth?  It’s your call.  You are not “too busy.”

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Brand Marketing Versus Direct Marketing

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brand marketing versus direct marketing

In the book “This is Marketing,” Seth Godin covers a lot of very important topics that can help you become a better marketer and a better storyteller.  You learn why you don’t need everyone as a customer.  As a matter of fact, you need to find a “minimum viable audience” for your product, service or movement.  But no lesson was more profound for me than the difference (as Godin defined it) between Brand Marketing versus Direct Marketing.

Brand Marketing Versus Direct Marketing

It’s important to note that Godin did not say that one was better than the other.  There is a very important place for both Brand Marketing and Direct Marketing.  It’s just vital to understand what both do…and where both fit in with your marketing strategy or plan.  So let’s quickly explain the difference.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is a marketing action you take where there is a designed (and often immediate) action to follow.  This is the email delivered directly to the prospect with the call to action that says “Buy now” or “Click here” or something like that.  Direct marketers find an action that creates the specific result that they want, and then they look to do it over and over again.  Direct marketing is measurable.  You can see what the open rate on the email is.  You can track how many people clicked the link or bought the product.  There is an A + B = C feel to direct marketing.

Brand Marketing

Brand Marketing is also powerful, but much harder to measure.  As Godin says, “Coca Cola does not think that if you see an ad during the Super Bowl that you will leave the Super Bowl party and go buy Coke.”  The idea of course, is they are creating brand affinity and top of mind awareness.  That way, the next time you are in the grocery store, you will think of Coke.  Brand Marketing is important and is how long term success is often created in Advertising and Marketing.

Both types of Marketing are important and effective.  Where you get in trouble, is when you create Brand Marketing and try to measure it like Direct Marketing.  It will almost always fail.  It’s just not set up to do the same thing.

As you consider creating your next marketing campaign, take the time to consider and understand what kind of marketing you are creating.  Just remember, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

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