What Do You Do When No One Is Watching?

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when no one is watching

When I set a goal for myself, I know there is one thing that weighs heavily on whether or not I succeed.  It goes back to this blog I wrote about keeping promises to yourself.  The one thing that determines whether or not I am able to push forward is the answer to this question:

What do I do when no one is watching?

Sure, accolades are amazing.  Recognition is important.  But nearly all progress is made in the mundane, every day chores that further us and grow us.  This is true in nearly every area of our lives.

Want to grow your sales?  This starts with making the cold calls and prospect contacts that we don’t always want to make.

Want to be more fit?  It comes from the mornings when you don’t feel like putting in the work, but you do it anyway.

Want to be more skilled at your craft?  You know that is comes from putting in the work while others are out padding their social calendars.

But don’t be mistaken.  The results don’t happen overnight.

Your reality today is made up of the work you did 30 to 60 days ago.  When we do those little things, over and over, we plant seeds that will grow down the road.  Those sales calls rarely bare fruit that same day.  It takes time to cultivate those relationships.  The push ups you did this morning do not make you fit today.  It’s just a foundational piece that will show up down the road.

Once you know that, it makes you think differently about the activities you are doing today.  Are you being intentional by doing the little things now?  Are you working to create what you want in your life?  Are you willing to do the work?

No one is paying attention now.

So what are you doing when no one is watching?

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5 Great Blog Posts for Salespeople

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sales success posts

In one way or another, we are all in sales.

You might be tasked with convincing your boss to chase your idea.  Or you might be out in the field, doing door to door sales.  Either way, we all have to sell (or persuade) people every day.  With that in mind, it makes sense to get better at sales…especially if it’s your job to drive the top line in a business.

So here are 5 blog posts designed to help salespeople grow.

3 Reasons To Focus on Long Term Sales Success:  When you are in sales, it’s easy to focus on the short term.  We need to “make the sale” to put money in our pocket.  But focusing on short term in sales rarely creates long term success.  Here are 3 reasons to focus on the long term.

The Best Sales Strategy:  Sometimes the best sales strategy is not to be in sales at all.  Just be a human.  Read more here.

3 Good Things From “Seeing the People:”  One of my first mentors in sales told me “When in doubt, go see the people.”  With new technology and tools, we sometimes lose sight of that foundational principle.  But there are 3 good things that happen when you get in front of your customers.  Learn what they are here.

20 Great Questions To Ask:  I love this one.  We are always told that we need to be a better listener.  So how do you do it?  One great way to be a better listener is to ask better questions.  Here are 20 questions that are sure to get your customers and prospects talking.

Just One More:  Sometimes the secret to success is simple…but not easy.  Here is your motivation today to do “Just One More.”  Read now.

And with that in mind, let me throw this bonus blog post in as “just one more.”

Selling To Someone Who Doesn’t Want To Buy:  I get this question all the time.  What do I do if the prospect does not want to buy?  What if they already have a vendor?  Here is a post that tells you want to do when you run into someone who does not want to buy.  

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He Said She Said Podcast Episode 14

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It’s time for the 14th episode of the He Said/She Said Podcast with Hasseman Marketing!  This podcast is designed to give an inside look at being married and being entrepreneurs and the projects we are working on and the challenges we are facing!    We talk about business, family, community and more. So listen in and let us know what you think!

On this episode we talk about…

Trending Topic

This week Kirby and Amy talk about the sudden flooding in the Coshocton County area.  Listen in on the update about the area…and stay tuned for ways we might be able to help.

Weekly Whirlwind

This week in the Weekly Whirlwind, Amy talks about making small progress on the building project…and waiting for the final decision on grant funding.  Kirby talks about an email hack…and working to get back to normal.

Lesson In Life

This week Kirby and Amy call an “audible” on the Lesson.  Instead of jumping into a lesson, they talk about the upcoming Community Improvement Day.  The event started with Newpointe Community Church but is branching out.  Listen in to learn more about the project and how you might be able to get involved.

Shout Outs

Each week we want to give a shout out to an organization or an individual doing good work.  This week Kirby talks about the Pomerene Center Art Park…and a recent staff meeting there!  Amy talks about Camp Invention.  This is a great program that happens each year.  Listen in to learn more...or head here.

So that’s a wrap!  We will be back…and we will continue to improve.  Any feedback will be welcome as we try to provide you value!  If you want to subscribe you can do that where you normally get podcasts…or you can head here to follow on Soundcloud.

Thanks so much for listening!  If you have any topics you want Kirby and Amy to cover, please comment and let us know!  Oh…and if you like this content, check out this page where you can find all of the content we create!  

3 Good Things That Happen When You “See The People”

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see the people

When I talk to new sales people (on my team or in other areas), I find myself saying one thing a lot.  “You need to go and see the people.”  This was the advice one of my first sales mentors gave to me.  And in a world that is driven by technology and social media, I think it is even more important than ever.  (I wrote a blog about the science behind why it works here).

Why do I say that it’s more important than ever?  Because most people are not doing it.  When you find that everyone is going one way, in business it sometimes makes sense to (thoughtfully) step the other.  When everyone else zigs, sometimes you should zag.  In addition, because we have so many wonderful tools for marketing and sales, we can get really lazy.  It’s not that new and current tools are bad.  They are not…and you should use them.  But you shouldn’t forget the basics either.  They are the foundation.

So should you continue to send emails?  Yes.  Should you prospect and sell using social media?  Of course.  Does it make sense to create content marketing that matters to your audience?  Yes…it does.

But you should also take the time to “see the people.”  Here are the three things that can happen when you take the time to meet your clients where they are.

They Will Feel Appreciated:  If you visit a client and show them real appreciation, you can go a long way to solidifying the relationship.  The fact is, none of us really say “thank you” enough.  I talk about this Appreciation Gap here.  By taking some time to show your clients they are appreciated, it will pay off long term.

You Might Learn Something:  It seems like every time I go and take time with a client, I learn something about them.  Sometimes it’s about a sales opportunity.  But sometimes I learn about an issue at home, or a challenge they are struggling with.  I often uncover something they are excited about.  Every time I feel like it helps to bring us closer.  It helps me serve them better.  I bet the same happens to you.

They Might Buy Something:  And yes, if the timing is right and the proposal is great, they might buy something.  That is, of course, the point of the exercise.  But I find that people are more likely to engage with me, listen to me, and buy from me if I am there.

So of course you should use all of the tools.  You should tap into the tech.  But don’t forget to be human…and see the people.

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The One Thing That Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

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one thing to accomplish your goals

After what was an intense and emotional month of May, I felt like I had fallen in a bit of rut.  I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I just wasn’t “feeling it.”  I was tired and lacked some purpose.  I chalked it up to the past six weeks, and the transitions that my family were going through.

After all, my oldest daughter, Skylar, left at the first of May to chase her dreams of becoming a professional dancer.  Scratch that.  She is a professional dancer.  She is now onboard a Cruise ship in California performing.  Amazing.  My youngest daughter, Jade, just graduated high school and is getting ready to move out (in the next couple of weeks) and start school in Columbus.  In the midst of all of that, Amy and I were working to keep our businesses running, speaking, and hosting events as well.  There was a good reason for feeling tired, right?

But I knew that wasn’t it.

In the midst of running through this time in our lives, I had made a few personal compromises.  For 6 months last year, I was writing a blog on this website every single day.  It was a challenge.  But it was a rewarding (and sometimes therapeutic) activity for me personally.  When I decided to stop doing it every day, I told myself I would write a couple of blogs a week.  In reality, however, I had fallen out of the rhythm.  In addition, I have made the commitment to writing a new book.  I have started the process and have made good progress.  I was writing regularly.  Then, with this season, I stopped that too.

Though I can certainly give myself a break because things were hectic, I realized something very important.  I started breaking my promises to myself.  I knew it deep down.  But it was really brought to my attention as I watched this interview.     I had stopped keeping these small commitments to myself…and these broken promises were ruining my productivity.

I think this is true for any area of your life.

If you want to be more productive, lose more weight, sell more, start a podcast, or make any change in your life, it starts small.

Start by making a small commitment to yourself.  Then keep that promise.

When you can start by making that small promise, and follow through, you create a sense of accomplishment.  When you can keep that promise, day in and day out, you create momentum.  As you create momentum (on just that small promise) you create progress toward your goal.

So if you want to make progress toward any goal in your life, make a small promise to yourself.  Then keep that promise…again and again.

To learn more about this concept, spend the time and watch this great interview with Chris Powell, Heidi Powell and Ed Mylett.  And make sure you never miss any content.  You can find it all here on our blog.  And of course you can always sign up to be a VIP here.