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 I like to talk.  Trust me.  My wife will agree!  But despite what people think, the best sales people, entrepreneurs (and friends) are good listeners.  It’s so true that it’s become cliché.  It’s simple.  But that doesn’t make it easy.  It’s something I have to work at.  The best way I have found to do this is to “actively listen.”  I try to take notes.  And if you pay really close attention to me, you might even see me put my hand over my mouth to remind me to shut up!  It’s my visual “tell.”  But another way to be a better listener is to ask better questions.  (As a side note, here are 5 great questions you should ask before your next Promo Campaign)  I find that if I work to have great questions ready, I am better prepared to just listen to the answers.  Look at it this way, the better the question, the more interesting the answers. “Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”  Tony Robbons. If I do a better job of asking questions, I want to know the answers anyway! Make sure you never miss an update!  It’s time to sign up for our VIP newsletter here.  We will email you (only once a week) with the latest content and specials.  It’s your call.  But life is better as a VIP.