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hasseman marketing beauty As a rule, I enjoy travel.   I like to go new places.  I like the adventure.  I like new things.  And, in truth, it usually makes me appreciate home. But in midst of the chaos of travel, it’s easy to get lost in it.  On a recent trip, I was doing just that.  It was the first leg of the trip and I had started the morning really early.  When I left my house, it was just before 5am.  I took the hour and a half trip to the airport in the darkness in stride.  Now I was on a flight…tired. Then I looked out the window on the descent into Nashville.  Though everyone around me was engrossed on their phones, looking at magazines, or lost in sleep, I had just a moment to remind me about the beauty that is all around us.  The mountain tops were reaching to the sky through the low clouds creating an amazing image that was worthy of breaking me from my traveling trance. It reminded me how blessed I am to get to travel and see the world.  It reminded me how blessed I am to choose what I do.  It reminded me that in doing this, I get to see people I respect. It’s a wonderful world in which we live.  Sometimes we just need to take a moment to appreciate the beauty that is all around us.   

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