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hasseman marketing morning There is something completely satisfying with getting things accomplished.  We are biologically wired for it.  When you scratch something off of your “To Do list” you actually get a boost of the chemical dopamine in your body.  That’s why it feels good to mark something done.   We are wired to take action. That’s why I know what to do when I wake up stressed.  You know the feeling.  It’s the one where you wake up in the “worry mindset.”  You have been stewing much of the night over the things that needed to be done.  Then you wake up in that “panic” mindset and it can totally frame the rest of your day.   Don’t let it. When I wake up feeling like that there are a couple of things that help to get my mind back on track.  Maybe they will help you. Make a List:  The human brain is a great place for coming up with ideas.  It’s not a great place to store them.  When you try to use your brain for long term storage it is exhausting and inefficient.  When you take some time to plan out your day and make a list of things you need to get done (even if the list will take a week), it can free up your mind to come up with solutions.  It can be very freeing. Re-connect to the Mission:  The list making exercise also helps to remind me what I am working toward.  What is the bigger goal?  What do I hope to accomplish today?  What am I excited about?  These things (if you have thought them out) are usually bigger than the problems that are stressing you.   Do Just One Thing:  Doing something pro-active, just taking action, can help to re-set my mindset.  For me, it might be writing this blog.  But taking action on just one item (especially if I have a plan to do more) helps me get my attitude back on track. What are your tips for getting your attitude on track for the day?  Let me know!   Make sure you never miss an update.  Sign up for our VIP newsletter here.  Oh…and if one of your things to do is to shop for cool Promo ideas, you can shop online here to cross that off your list.